Famous people born in 1923 - page 5

Jean Stapleton

Jean Stapleton

Jean Stapleton was a well-known American actress, known for her character roles on stage, TV, and films

AmericanJanuary 19, 192397 views

Ruth Williams Khama

Ruth Williams Khama was the wife of Botswana's first president, Sir Seretse Khama

Alice Ghostley

Alice Ghostley was an American actress and singer best known for her role of a shy witch in the popular sitcom ‘Bewitched’

AmericanAugust 14, 1923117 views

Meshulam Riklis

Meshulam Riklis is a well-known Israeli businessman

IsraeliDecember 2, 1923159 views

Dina Merrill

Dina Merrill was an American actress, socialite, philanthropist and heiress

AmericanDecember 29, 1923206 views

Estelle Getty

Estelle Getty was an American actress and comedian, best known for her character Sophia Petrillo in the sitcom ‘The Golden Girls’

AmericanJuly 25, 1923397 views

Merton H. Miller

Merton H

AmericanMay 16, 1923171 views

Murray Walker

Murray Walker is a Formula One motor sport commentator and journalist, famous for his eager commentary technique

BritishOctober 10, 1923264 views

Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger is a former American Secretary of State who played a key role in ending the Vietnam War

AmericanMay 27, 1923286 views