Imagine what the music world would have been like had it not been for rappers like 50 Cent, Kanye West, Slick Rick and Snoop Dogg who pep up the songs with their innovative and funny rapping styles? Rapping is an interesting combination of speech, prose, poetry and singing and adds a fun element to the performance of the entertainer. Rapping is such an integral ingredient of hip hop music and is also found in alternative rock and Kwaito music. Rap music has traditionally been a young man’s forte though in the modern times it is no rarity to seen middle-aged men happily rapping their lyrics or to spot pretty women stealing the spotlight away from their male counterparts. Rapping has its roots in Africa though today you can find rappers from different races performing all over the world in over a hundred languages! In the modern era it was the Hip Hop artist James Brown who introduced rapping in its modern avatar to millions of music fans. Rappers began gaining in popularity during the 1970s and from there rapping’s become a staple of Hip Hop music. Read on to learn more about the famous rappers from all over the world who made music more exciting and enjoyable with their unique talents.