Famous people born in 1988 - page 21

    Diego Costa

    Diego Costa is a Spanish footballer

    SpanishOctober 7, 1988248 views

    Hayley Williams

    Check out all that you wanted to know about Hayley Williams, the famous Singer; her birthday, her family and personal life, her boyfriend, fun trivia facts and more.

    AmericanDecember 27, 1988190 views

    Robbie Amell

    Robbie Amell is a Canadian actor best known for his role as Stephen Jameson in the CW hit series ‘The Tomorrow People’

    CanadianApril 21, 1988277 views

    Jonathan Toews

    Jonathan Toews is a Canadian ice hockey player

    CanadianApril 29, 1988109 views

    Stephen Curry

    Stephen Curry is an American professional basketball player who represents the Golden State Warriors in NBA

    AmericanMarch 14, 1988530 views

    Angelique Boyer

    Angelique Boyer, born as Angelique Monique-Paulette Boyer Rousseau, is a French actress

    FrenchJuly 4, 1988795 views

    Brenda Song

    Brenda Song is an American actress and model

    AmericanMarch 27, 1988322 views

    Brooke Hogan

    Brooke Hogan is an American reality television star, singer, actress, and professional wrestler

    AmericanMay 5, 1988177 views