Famous people born in 1 January

    Paul Revere

    Paul Revere

    Paul Revere was an American industrialist and revolutionary

    AmericanJanuary 1, 1735120 views

    Pierre de Coubertin

    Pierre de Coubertin was a French educator and historian who played a major role in the founding of the International Olympic Committee.

    FrenchJanuary 1, 186379 views

    J. Edgar Hoover

    J Edgar Hoover served as first director of Federal Bureau of Investigation from 1935 until 1972

    Samuel de Champlain

    Samuel de Champlain was a French explorer hailed as "The Father of New France"

    FrenchJanuary 1, 1574106 views

    Thomas Wolsey

    Thomas Wolsey was an English cardinal and statesman, who dominated King Henry VIII’s government from 1515 to 1529

    BritishJanuary 1, 1473118 views

    Thomas Newcomen

    Thomas Newcomen was a British inventor who developed the world’s first steam engine

    BritishJanuary 1, 1664381 views

    John Colet

    John Colet was an English theologian who was a major promoter of Renaissance humanism during the late 15th and early 16th century

    BritishJanuary 1, 1467165 views

    Peyo Yavorov

    Peyo Yavorov was a Bulgarian romantic poet

    Moussa Dadis Camara

    Moussa Dadis Camara is a former President of Guinea and also a career military man

    GuineanJanuary 1, 1964146 views

    Ivica Dačić

    Ivica Dacic is currently the First Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia

    SerbianJanuary 1, 1966349 views