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Belcalis Almanzar - Former Stripper, Facts and Childhood

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Belcalis Almanzar's Personal Details

Belcalis Almanzar (Cardi B) is a former stripper and a famous hip hop recording artist

BirthdayOctober 11, 1992
FamousSingers, Hip Hop Singers, Former Stripper, Television Star
City/StateNew Yorkers
SiblingsHennessy Carolina
Known asCardi B
Birth PlaceBronx, New York, United States
Net Worth$4 million
Sun SignLibra
Born inBronx, New York, United States
Famous asSinger, television star, former stripper

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Who is Belcalis Almanzar?

Belcalis, also known as Cardi B (adapted from Bacardi, a famous rum brand) is a famous social media personality, songwriter, singer and former stripper of Trinidadian/Dominican descent. Her parents nicknamed her Bacardi, as a testament to her Caribbean heritage. When Cardi launched her official Instagram page, she had no idea that she would one day earn millions of followers for her 15-second submissions like ‘Tell it Like It Is’ and ‘Tirades’! Her journey of self- expression quickly transformed into social media stardom, making Belcalis a popular face in the virtual media world. Today she has more than 5.2 million followers on her first Instagram account. To please her followers with funny moments and tips, she launched her second Instagram account, which now has around 594K followers. While the entire world was going gaga over her satirical, comic videos, their beloved social media star got her first television break in a reality TV show titled ‘Love and Hip Hop: New York’. Soon, the hot video vixen established herself as an actress, host, and comedian as well. As a singer, the multi-faceted lady created history in September 2017 by becoming the first female rapper to top the Billboard Hot 100 in 19 years with her debut hit ‘Bodak Yellow (Money Moves).’

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Cardi B joined college to achieve something bigger and better in life. But a change in plan was in order and she dropped out of college in search of fame. Before evolving as a fashion trendsetter and social media personality, Cardi pursued a career as an exotic dancer cum stripper at the age of 18.

Having a playful, sassy personality, she pursued this career for five years. Initially, she planned to retire at the age of 25 as she wanted to look after her family. Nevertheless, when she rose to fame for her acting, she finally quit stripping at the age of 23. The reason? She wanted to send out a strong message against adultery and domestic violence, thus, emerging as a strong, level-headed, financially independent and socially responsible person.

Later, when she started working as an entertainer, she immediately acquired the attention of famous A-list celebrity stylist Patricia Fields, radio personality Charlagmagne the God, Ebro and film specialists like Lee Daniels.

In 2015, she participated as a model at NYFW (New York Fashion Week) in September. She also appeared in Farruko’s music video ‘ChapiChapi’ featuring her and Messiah. This opened up new opportunities for the future. Soon, she was invited to co-host ‘Uncommon Sense’, a MTV2 production with famous radio jockey Charlamagne the God. She landed a special appearance on Revolt TV, wherein the audience got a glimpse of her personal life. She was also applauded for her DVD ‘I Am: Cardi B.’ Since then, Cardi headed in just one direction, which led her towards fame and fortune.

Her career continued thriving over the ensuing years and in 2017, she released the single ‘Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)’ which proved to be a super hit. Loved by the crazy fans, the song steadily climbed up the Billboard Hot 100 chart to peak at the No.1 position! This success made Cardi B the first female rapper to take the No.1 spot on Billboard's Hot 100 chart since Lauryn Hill in 1998. With this song, the young singer has emerged ahead of even some really popular names like Taylor Swift and Charlie Puth.

What Makes Cardi B Special?

Cardi B’s sharp tongue, brave antics and rambunctious spirit have fetched her a strong fan following, quick popularity and online recognition. Famous celebrities like Nelly, Lee Daniels and Drake are her loyal fans. The beautiful bombshell stands firmly on the motto “Do not apologize for what you are” and “Just be yourself.”

Aminatou Sow described her as a ‘quote machine’ in the latest episode of ‘Who? Weekly’, for her concise witty nature and sharp dialogues. Cardi, who has a penchant for realistic talks, boldly talks about her life as an ex-stripper and about sex, money and power. We often see her making pithy proclamations like “She’s a self-avowed hoewho never gets cold”. Most of her videos are realistic in nature with important advice for men and women. A few of them are addressed to haters of all genders.

Her effortless performances have amplified her fan-base on social media platforms. Consequently, she enjoys top position in modern America’s cultural landscape.

Beyond Fame

Being a sensitive, home-oriented person, Candi is concerned about her future and family. She wants to set up a viable career in business or acting industry to support her family. She looks forward to establishing a sustainable career in music so that she can help her folks settle down. Her famous piece ‘Cheap Ass Weave’ stirred up a new storm in the music industry. With this fame, she plans to release a mix-tape on Caribbean folk and hip-hop music in future.

Cardi’s “no bitchiness” in ‘Love and Hip Hop’ has pulled her ratings up this year. Seeing her drop videos on real life experiences, VH1 describes this Instagram sensation as a ‘Real Firecracker’. She’s one tough cookie who is expected to come up with raw and more emotional performances in future.

Behind The Curtains

Cardi B was born to a Trini mother and Dominican father in Bronx. She spent most of her childhood travelling between Bronx and Washington Heights. Her Caribbean heritage is evident in her elongated vowels and accent. Raised alongside her sister, Cardi is very close to her family. However, her bold, headstrong nature results from her parent’s split and strained relationship with her stepfather. Her cashier mother and cabbie father worked hard to meet two ends. This is how she learnt how to be self-dependent and practical in life.

Once she finished high school, she didn’t have any specific plans regarding her career. Despite the ‘evil bitch’ image, she had high ambitions and wanted to achieve something big in life. So, she got enrolled at Borough of Manhattan Community College. She took up French and history courses alongside a part-time job. She started as a marketing expert at Amish Market and later went on to pursue a full-time career in this field. The measly job fetched her just $250 per week, which was not enough to fulfill her big dreams.

Moreover, it got difficult for her to strike a balance between school and job. Finally, she dropped out of school and took up an eight-hour shift at New York Dolls, where she made $300 per shift as a stripper and dancer. Soon, she became a popular face around all the lucrative strip clubs of the city including Lace 2 on 42nd Street. Her thick Spanish accent, urban looks and saucy tricks made her popular amongst druggies, dealers and regular bar-goers.

Over the years, she has stacked up money to help with her mom’s business. After setting up her career in music and acting, she looks forward to a calm and quite family life with her loved ones.

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Belcalis Almanzar's FAQ

  • What is Belcalis Almanzar birthday?

    Belcalis Almanzar was born at 1992-10-11

  • Where is Belcalis Almanzar's birth place?

    Belcalis Almanzar was born in Bronx, New York, United States

  • What is Belcalis Almanzar nationalities?

    Belcalis Almanzar's nationalities is American

  • Who is Belcalis Almanzar siblings?

    Belcalis Almanzar's siblings is Hennessy Carolina

  • How tall is Belcalis Almanzar?

    Belcalis Almanzar's height is 167

  • What is Belcalis Almanzar's sun sign?

    Belcalis Almanzar is Libra

  • How famous is Belcalis Almanzar?

    Belcalis Almanzar is famouse as Singer, television star, former stripper

  • What is Belcalis Almanzar's facebook?

    Belcalis Almanzar's facebook is

  • What is Belcalis Almanzar's twitter?

    Belcalis Almanzar's twitter is

  • What is Belcalis Almanzar's youtube?

    Belcalis Almanzar's youtube is

  • What is Belcalis Almanzar's instagram?

    Belcalis Almanzar's instagram is