A hip hop singer may be involved in the production of a genre of music that is mainly concerned with the use of rhythmical intoning of certain selected rhymed couplets in harmony with a persistent beat. This genre of music is considered to be very popular with the younger generation and is thus mainly associated with urban youth culture. Hip-hop and rap music originated during the 1970’s as a kind of street music form and culture mainly among African-American communities living in South Bronx area of New York City. The main elements that can be seen in this genre of music include poverty, violence and graffiti art. In the 20th and the 21st century hip-ho- and rap music became one of the most celebrated and immensely popular genres of music, especially among the youth in various countries from across the world. With the advancement in technology and the development of mass media technologies, adding to the impact of globalization, hip-hop and rap music is a universal phenomenon. Read on for more information about some of the world's most famous hip-hop singers.