Computer scientists specialize in the scientific study of computation and computer technology, hardware and software. They work in the field of computer science, i.e. the study of the theoretical and practical aspects of computing and computers. Computer scientists work alongside with other research professionals like computer programmers, information technology specialists, electrical engineers, etc. in order to develop new computer technology and design hardware and software. Their research helps to improve the performance of existing computer systems. The field of theoretical computer science deals with the theory of computation and other topics focused on logical, mathematical and abstract aspects of computing. Applied computer science, on the other hand, deals with issues like Artificial Intelligence, computer graphics, and computer security which can be put to practical use in real-life situations. Computer scientists may work in software development that involves designing of games, search engines, operating systems and web browsers. Those who work on computer hardware are dedicated to the development of higher processing speed. Some computer scientists work with engineers to design robotics that are used in the manufacturing sector. These professionals also teach in universities or work with government agencies. What follows is a collection of the biographies, timelines, trivia and other information about the professional and personal lives of some of the world’s most famous computer scientists.