Famous people born in 1940 - page 6

    Mario Andretti

    Mario Andretti

    Mario Andretti is a retired American professional race car driver, who has won numerous racing titles and laurels

    CroatianFebruary 28, 1940255 views

    James Caan

    James Caan is an American actor and director known for his work in ‘Brian’s Song.’

    AmericanMarch 26, 1940149 views

    Joseph Brodsky

    Joseph Brodsky was an acclaimed Russian and American essayist and poet

    RussianMay 24, 1940156 views

    John Lennon

    John Lennon was a prominent English musician and one of the co-founders of the rock band The Beatles

    BritishOctober 9, 1940179 views

    John Gotti

    John Gotti, also known as ‘the last Mafia Icon’, was an American mobster and the former godfather of the powerful American mafia family, Gambino

    AmericanOctober 27, 1940189 views

    Jocelyn Wildenstein

    Jocelyn Wildenstein is an American socialite who is known for marrying into the notorious Wildenstein family.

    SwissAugust 5, 1940302 views

    Frank Vincent Zappa

    Frank Zappa was a versatile musician who covered various musical genres over a long and productive career

    AmericanDecember 21, 1940113 views

    David Brudnoy

    David Brudnoy was an American talk radio host, famous for his ‘The David Brudnoy Show’ which aired on WBZ-AM station

    AmericanJune 5, 1940167 views

    Chuck Close

    Chuck Close is an American artist much acclaimed as a photorealistic painter

    AmericanJuly 5, 1940234 views