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Check out all that you wanted to know about Joel SmallishBeans, the famous British YouTube Personality; his birthday, his family and personal life, his girlfriends, fun trivia facts and more.

Jun 29, 1993

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: June 29, 1993
  • Nationality: British
  • Famous: Gamer, Youtubers, Instagram Stars, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Gamers
  • Birth Place: England
  • Gender: Male
  • Sun Sign: Cancer
  • Born in: England

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All aspiring gamers would accept that Joel has the tricks to win every single game like a pro, up his sleeves. He is what most youngsters who are passionate about gaming want to grow up into. Joel did not garner all this fame overnight, slowly and steadily taking one step at a time, our gamer became the talk of the town. However, before becoming a big name in the gaming industry, Joel was just another next-door boy who led a regular life like most of us. He did his education from ‘Millthorpe School’ in New York, it is probably here that his interest towards online gaming took over and on October 4th 2008, he made his entry into the world of YouTube. Two years later in 2010, He posted his first ever video called, “GermanPompano, the XBL DJ” that was a huge hit among the masses. Little did Joel know that the success of this clip was just the beginning, apart from being on his way to stardom, he was soon to become an internet sensation.

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Even after accruing immense recognition at all of 23, Joel is extremely humble and has not let the fame reach his head. From being a beginner at ‘Minecraft’ games, Joel’s ‘never say die’ attitude has been the main reason behind his success in this genre of games. His success started reaching such phenomenal heights that even other famous You-tubers like ‘TheOrionSound’ have agreed to feature on his channel. Anyone who views his official channel will realize that the way he has played the games make it seem so interesting and fun that everyone will want to give it a try. The number of followers he has on every social platform is a huge proof of how well made his videos and clips are. Apart from being a simple gamer, Joel is also a role model for the youth of today’s generation who look up to him as their idol.

What Makes Joel So Special

As much as we would love to know more about Joel’s personal life, there is very little that he has revealed to the world outside. However if there is one aspect of his life that he has been exceptionally open about then it is his relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Lizzie. She is also a popular YouTube gamer with way more than 2 million subscribers, she is known to many by her online name, ‘LdShadowlady’. These two love birds first met during a gaming function called, ‘GameFEST’ in 2011. It was while Joel was performing a dance routine that Lizzie was bowled over by the confidence he radiated. It was his amazing aura and super cute looks that couldn’t stop Lizzie from coming over and talking to him. Although during the course of their friendship, she discovered that he was dating someone else, but this relationship was probably meant to be. In 2012 these two decide to take their friendship a step forwards and proudly announced to the world that they are dating and are now officially a couple.

Beyond Fame