Famous people born in 1936 - page 5

    Buddy Guy

    Buddy Guy

    Buddy Guy is a legendary blues guitarist and singer who have given the genre of music a new meaning

    AmericanJuly 30, 1936104 views

    Antonin Scalia

    Antonin Scalia currently serves as the Associate Justice of United States

    AmericanMarch 11, 1936284 views

    Dick Cavett

    Dick Cavett is a famous American TV personality, best known for his talk show, ‘The Dick Cavett Show.’ This biography profiles his childhood, family, personal lfe, career, etc.

    AmericanNovember 11, 1936134 views

    Michael Landon

    Michael Landon was an actor, singer, screenwriter, director, and producer from America

    AmericanOctober 31, 1936136 views

    Arlene Golonka

    Arlene Golonka is a celebrated American actress who has given some memorable performances

    AmericanJanuary 23, 1936132 views

    Christopher Alexander

    Christopher Wolfgang Alexander is a renowned architect popular for his trendsetting designs

    AmericanOctober 4, 1936165 views

    Carl C. Icahn

    Carl Celian Icahn is an American entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist

    AmericanFebruary 16, 1936371 views

    Lucille Clifton

    Lucille Clifton was an award winning African-American poet, writer and educator whose works focused on the lives of blacks and women

    AmericanJune 27, 1936127 views

    Nancy Dow

    Nancy Dow, born as Nancy Maryanne Dow, was an American actress

    AmericanJuly 22, 1936358 views