Famous people born in 1825

Ferdinand von Mueller

Ferdinand von Mueller

Ferdinand von Mueller was a German-Australian botanist and geographer

AustralianJune 30, 1825142 views

Catherine Helen Spence

Catherine Helen Spence was a Australian author, journalist, politician, and a leading suffragist

AustralianOctober 31, 1825130 views

Charles Frederick Worth

Charles Frederick Worth was an English fashion designer credited with revolutionizing the business of fashion

BritishOctober 13, 1825113 views

Dadabhai Naoroji

Known as the Grand Old Man of India, Dadabhai Naoroji was an educator, social reformer and an important political leader

IndianSeptember 4, 1825167 views

Jean-Martin Charcot

A French neurologist and professor, Jean-Martin was instrumental in developing modern science in the field of neurology and had 15 eponyms to his praise

FrenchNovember 29, 1825151 views

Thomas Henry Huxley

Thomas Huxley was a famous English biologist

BritishMay 4, 1825109 views