Pathologists are medical doctors who specialize in the diagnosis of diseases. They examine tissues, analyze laboratory results and interpret them to provide an accurate and early diagnosis of various diseases. By using a variety of investigative techniques, they identity sources of diseases and facilitate the patient’s treatment. Pathologists also conduct autopsies to determine the cause of death. . Pathology is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses elements of sciences like anatomy, pharmacology, biochemistry, physiology and microbiology. They work in a number of fields. A clinical pathologist supervises the laboratory tests conducted on bodily fluids and works together with clinical lab technicians to ensure that blood and blood fluids meant for usage during surgeries are safe from microorganisms. An anatomic pathologist examines tissues removed during biopsies or surgeries to provide a diagnosis on the disease. The early detection of diseases by the pathologists facilitates timely treatment of the patients. In forensic pathology, pathologists examine a corpse to determine the cause of death. They assist law enforcement officers in investigation of deaths under mysterious conditions, and also help to pinpoint undetermined causes of natural death. Some pathologists may work in research and teach in universities. Read on to browse through a list of world famous pathologosts and read their biographies and timelines.