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The Most Famous Composers

Jean-Jacques RousseauJune 28, 1712French, SwissJean-Jacques Rousseau was a noted Swiss-born philosopher, writer and composer
Ravi ShankarApril 7, 1920IndianRavi Shankar was one of the greatest music maestros from India who familiarized the West with the Indian classical music
John ColtraneSeptember 23, 1926AmericanJohn Coltrane was a renowned saxophonist and a Jazz music composer
Ray CharlesSeptember 23, 1930AmericanRay Charles was a popular American singer, songwriter and was the discoverer of soul music
Sergei ProkofievApril 23, 1891UkrainianSergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev was a Russian composer, pianist and conductor
Luca MarenzioOctober 18, 1553ItalianLuca Marenzio was a renowned Italian composer and singer belonging to the late Renaissance era
Max BruchJanuary 6, 1838GermanA German romantic composer and conductor, Max Bruch is notably famous for his violin concertos that feature among his 200 plus works! Read this captivating biography to know about his profile, childhood, life and timeline.
Scott JoplinNovember 24, 1868AmericanScott Joplin, ‘King of Ragtime’ was an eminent American composer and pianist of the twentieth century
Gabriel FauréMay 12, 1845FrenchGabriel Urbain Faure was a French composer, organist and pianist
Charlie ParkerAugust 29, 1920AmericanCharlie Parker was an American jazz saxophonist and composer
Ray Charles

Ray Charles

Ray Charles was a popular American singer, songwriter and was the discoverer of soul music

AmericanSeptember 23, 1930207 views

John Dowland

One of the most successful English Renaissance composers of his time, Dowland is extolled immensely for his distinctive composition styles

British1563158 views

Enrique Granados

Wish to know everything about Enrique Granados? Read the biography to know all about childhood, life and timeline.

SpanishJuly 27, 1867121 views

Johannes Brahms

Johannes Brahms was a well-known German composer and pianist best remembered for his choral work ‘A German Requiem'

GermanMay 7, 1833101 views

Clara Wieck Schumann

Clara Wieck Schumann was a distinguished German musician and composer of the Romantic era

GermanSeptember 13, 181999 views

Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel

Explore this biography to know about the profile, childhood, life and contribution of the famous German Pianist, Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel.

GermanNovember 14, 1805100 views

Edward MacDowell

Edward MacDowell was one of first internationally renowned composer

AmericanDecember 18, 1860150 views

Alfred Newman

Alfred Newman was one of the most respected and famous music composers

AmericanMarch 17, 1901124 views

Gian Carlo Menotti

Composer, librettist, and stage director, Gian Carlo Menotti was certainly a multi-faceted talent

FrenchJuly 7, 1911102 views

Sergei Prokofiev

Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev was a Russian composer, pianist and conductor

UkrainianApril 23, 1891205 views