Famous people born in 1901

Fulgencio Batista

Fulgencio Batista

Fulgencio Batista was the dictator of Cuba

CubanJanuary 16, 1901126 views

Jacques Lacan

Jacques Lacan was a French psychoanalyst and a psychiatrist, considered to be the most controversial psycho-analyst since Freud

FrenchApril 13, 1901261 views

Vincent du Vigneaud

Vincent du Vigneaud was an American biochemist who was awarded ‘Nobel Prize in Chemistry’ in 1955

AmericanMay 18, 190195 views

Charles Brenton Huggins

Charles Huggins was a Canadian-born American physician, surgeon and physiologist who won the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1966

CanadianSeptember 22, 1901126 views

Mark Oliphant

Mark Oliphant was an Australian physicist who played a vital role in the development of nuclear weapons

Ernest Lawrence

Ernst Lawrence was an American nuclear scientist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1939 for his invention of the cyclotron

AmericanAugust 8, 190174 views

Salvatore Quasimodo

Salvatore Quasimodo was an Italian poet, author, critic and translator

ItalianAugust 20, 1901122 views

Andre Malraux

André Malraux was a French novelist and art theorist who became France’s first ‘Minister of Cultural Affairs’

FrenchNovember 3, 1901101 views

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia

Grand Duchess Anastasia was the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, the last sovereign of Imperial Russia

RussianJune 18, 190194 views

Sergiusz Piasecki

Sergiusz Piasecki is a famous Polish writer renowned for his works such as ‘The Lover of Ursa Major’ and World War II memorial ‘Adam and Eve’

PolishApril 1, 190199 views