Whitney Bjerken

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Mar 4, 2005

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: March 4, 2005
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Youtubers, Sportspersons, Gymnasts
  • City/State: Georgia
  • Siblings: Blakely, Braxton, Sterling
  • Birth Place: Georgia
  • Gender: Female

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Birth Place

Some people are born talented and Whitney Bjerken is surely one of them. At 11, the little girl has everything going for her. She is a professional artistic gymnast and a YouTube star. A national, state and regional level gymnast, she started in the field when she was very young. At an early age, she developed a passion for gymnastics and soon made her way through it professionally. She aced her skills and honed her talent to become a regional level gymnast. In 2012, she won the Level 4 to become Georgia AA State Champion. Three years later, in 2015, she was selected as a member of the US National TOPs B Team. She was only ten then. Today, apart from being an artistic gymnast, Whitney is a popular YouTube star as well. She has her own gymnast-centric YouTube channel that has earned more than 570,000 subscriptions and the numbers are still growing.

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Whitney Bjerken was only ten when she was selected as a member of the US National TOPs B Team. Not many children of her age even understand the meaning of being an artistic gymnast, forget being one. Whitney has time and again proved that she was born to excel in this field of sport. With a body as flexible as an elastic band, and determination as strong and steady as a rock, she has made her way to the top of the levels with her grit and resolute. Aged just 11, she is at the top of her game and has been a reason of envy for many other gymnasts who despite being twice her age, are not as brilliant as she is.

What Makes Whitney Bjerken Special

When Whitney turned her passion into her profession, she did not only think about her professional rise to stardom but also conceived the idea of helping others become an artistic gymnast. Probably that was one reason why she started the spin-off of her on-stage marvel on YouTube by starting a channel that was gymnast-centric. One of its kind, the channel caters to millions of people and has more than 570, 000 subscriptions. Through it, one can get a firsthand view of her journey thus-far and can also see her grow and improve as a gymnast. Who knows, there may be some who might get inspired from her stellar performances and follow in her footsteps!

Beyond Fame