Famous people born in 1860

    Anton Chekhov

    Anton Chekhov

    Anton Chekhov was a celebrated modern short story writer of Russia

    GermanJanuary 29, 1860130 views

    Willem Einthoven

    Willem Einthoven was a renowned Dutch physiologist who received the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1924 for inventing the first practical electrocardiogram

    DutchMay 21, 1860107 views

    Niels Ryberg Finsen

    Niels Ryberg Finsen was an Icelandic Faroese-Danish physician and scientist famous for his invention of modern phototherapy

    DanishDecember 15, 1860155 views

    Eduard Buchner

    Eduard Buchner was a German chemist and a zymologist who won the 1907 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

    GermanMay 20, 1860196 views

    Will Keith Kellogg

    Will Keith Kellogg was an American industrialist best known as the founder of the Kellogg Company

    AmericanApril 7, 1860140 views

    Charles Curtis

    Charles Curtis was an American politician who served as the 31st Vice President of the United States

    AmericanJanuary 25, 1860153 views

    Hugo Wolf

    Hugo Wolf was a late 19th century Austrian composer best known for his art songs

    SlovenianMarch 13, 1860159 views

    Herman Hollerith

    Herman Hollerith was an American statistician and inventor, regarded as the father of modern machine data processing

    AmericanFebruary 29, 1860162 views

    Charlotte Perkins Gilman

    Charlotte Perkins Gilman was a famous American feminist, sociologist and novelist

    AmericanJuly 3, 1860135 views