Famous people born in 1845

Mary Eliza Mahoney

Mary Eliza Mahoney

Mary Eliza Mahoney was the first African-American nurse to work in the hospitals of the United States

AmericanApril 16, 1845106 views

Charles Louis Alphonse Laveran

Charles-Louis-Alphonse Laveran was a French physician, medical researcher and pathologist who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1907

FrenchJune 18, 184597 views

Gabriel Lippmann

Gabriel Lippmann was a French physicist and inventor

FrenchAugust 16, 1845220 views

Gabriel Fauré

Gabriel Urbain Faure was a French composer, organist and pianist

FrenchMay 12, 1845156 views

Alexander III of Russia

Alexander III of Russia was the emperor of Russia from 1881 to 1894, dubbed "The Peacemaker"

RussianMarch 10, 1845131 views

Wilhelm Rontgen

Wilhelm Rontgen was an eminent German physicist who won the first Nobel Prize in Physics, for the discovery of X-rays

GermanMarch 27, 1845147 views

Georg Cantor

George Cantor was an established mathematician who defined the cardinal and the ordinal numbers

GermanMarch 3, 1845265 views

Isidor Straus

Isidor Straus was an American businessman who died in the sinking of the ship Titanic