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The Most Famous Argentinian

Luciana Barroso1976ArgentinianLuciana Barroso is a former air hostess, better known as the wife of Hollywood star, Matt Damon
Wanda NaraDecember 9, 1986ArgentinianWanda Nara is an Argentine model, reality personality, and football agent, more famous as the wife of Argentine football player Mauro Icardi.
Carlos TevezFebruary 5, 1984ArgentinianCarlos Tevez is an Argentine professional footballer
Gabriela SabatiniMay 16, 1970ArgentinianGabriela Sabatini is an Argentine former professional tennis player, one of the leading players of her generation
Nick MericoDecember 29, 1995ArgentinianNick Merico is an Argentine actor best known for his role in the television series ‘Every Witch Way’
Valentina ZenereJanuary 15, 1997ArgentinianValentina Zenere is an Argentine actress and model
René Gerónimo FavaloroJuly 12, 1923ArgentinianRené Gerónimo Favaloro was a renowned Argentinean cardiovascular surgeon
Evita PeronMay 7, 1919ArgentinianRadio actress Evita Peron was the second wife of President Juan Peron of Argentina
Che GuevaraJune 14, 1928ArgentinianChe Guevara is one of the most revered and legendary political figures in world history
Zaira NaraAugust 15, 1988ArgentinianZaira Nara is an Argentine model, actress, television show host and dancer
Adolfo Rodríguez Saá

Adolfo Rodríguez Saá

Adolfo Rodriguez Saa is an Argentine politician who served as the interim President of Argentina for a week in 2001

ArgentinianJuly 25, 1947115 views

Fernando de la Rúa

Fernando de la Rua is an Argentine politician who served as the President of Argentina from 1999 to 2001

Gabriel Batistuta

Gabriel Batistuta is a retired Argentine footballer, who is the highest ever goal scorer for Argentina

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel is an Argentine human rights activist who won the 1980 Nobel Peace Prize

Mauricio Macri

Mauricio Macri is an Argentine politician and the current president of the country

Carlos Saavedra Lamas

Carlos Saavedra Lamas was an Argentine politician, diplomat, labour rights legislator, international law expert and the first Latin American Nobel Peace Prize recipient

Juan Perón

Juan Peron was the President of Argentina

Juan Manuel de Rosas

Juan Manuel José Domingo Ortiz de Rosas was an Argentinean dictator

ArgentinianMarch 30, 1793151 views

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is one of the modern soccer greats and captain of the Argentina national team

ArgentinianJune 24, 1987287 views

Julio Cortazar

Julio Coratzar was one of the most significant Argentinian writers of all time

ArgentinianAugust 26, 1914203 views