Famous people born in 1793

    Juan Manuel de Rosas

    Juan Manuel de Rosas

    Juan Manuel José Domingo Ortiz de Rosas was an Argentinean dictator

    ArgentinianMarch 30, 1793151 views

    William Hopkins

    William Hopkins was a renowned British mathematician and geologist who discovered that melting point of a substance rises with increasing pressure

    BritishFebruary 2, 1793109 views

    Edward Bates

    Edward Bates was a U.S

    Lucretia Mott

    Lucretia Mott was an American abolitionist, social reformer and a women's rights activist

    AmericanJanuary 3, 1793171 views

    John Clare

    John Clare was an English poet, often referred to as a ‘Peasant poet’, considered to be one of the most important 19th century poets

    BritishJuly 13, 1793102 views

    Sam Houston

    Sam Houston was a 19th century politician who played a key role in the creation of the state of Texas

    AmericanMarch 2, 1793247 views