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The Most Famous Argentinian

Luciana Barroso1976ArgentinianLuciana Barroso is a former air hostess, better known as the wife of Hollywood star, Matt Damon
Wanda NaraDecember 9, 1986ArgentinianWanda Nara is an Argentine model, reality personality, and football agent, more famous as the wife of Argentine football player Mauro Icardi.
Carlos TevezFebruary 5, 1984ArgentinianCarlos Tevez is an Argentine professional footballer
Gabriela SabatiniMay 16, 1970ArgentinianGabriela Sabatini is an Argentine former professional tennis player, one of the leading players of her generation
Nick MericoDecember 29, 1995ArgentinianNick Merico is an Argentine actor best known for his role in the television series ‘Every Witch Way’
Valentina ZenereJanuary 15, 1997ArgentinianValentina Zenere is an Argentine actress and model
René Gerónimo FavaloroJuly 12, 1923ArgentinianRené Gerónimo Favaloro was a renowned Argentinean cardiovascular surgeon
Evita PeronMay 7, 1919ArgentinianRadio actress Evita Peron was the second wife of President Juan Peron of Argentina
Che GuevaraJune 14, 1928ArgentinianChe Guevara is one of the most revered and legendary political figures in world history
Zaira NaraAugust 15, 1988ArgentinianZaira Nara is an Argentine model, actress, television show host and dancer
Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Pope Francis is the current and the 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church

Jae-hyung Park

Jae-hyung Park or ‘Jae’ is a Korean – American musician-composer, rapper, singer and songwriter

Sebastian Olzanski

Sebastian Olzanski is an Argentinean pop singer who is now based in Canada

Mercedes Lambre

Mercedes Lambre is an Argentine model, actress, singer, and dancer

Matias Messi

Matias Messi is the older brother of Argentine professional footballer Lionel Messi

ArgentinianJune 23, 1982163 views

Salvador Mazza

Salvador Mazza was an eminent Argentinean physician and epidemiologist

René Gerónimo Favaloro

René Gerónimo Favaloro was a renowned Argentinean cardiovascular surgeon

ArgentinianJuly 12, 1923543 views

Camila Morrone

Camila Morrone is an Argentina-born American actress and model, known for her work in the 2018 movie ‘Death Wish.’ Find more about her childhood, family, personal life, etc.

ArgentinianJune 16, 1997269 views

Ángel Di María

Ángel Di María is an Argentine professional footballer

Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona is one of the greatest soccer players that the world has witnessed