Famous people born in 17 June

Art Bell

Art Bell was an American broadcaster and author, known as ‘The King of Late Night Radio.’

AmericanJune 17, 19451,583 views

John Wesley

John Wesley was an Anglican cleric & theologian, who founded the Methodist movement

BritishJune 17, 1703110 views

François Jacob

François Jacob was a French biologist who was awarded the ‘Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine’ in 1965

FrenchJune 17, 1920109 views

Mohamed ElBaradei

Mohamed ElBaradei is an Egyptian lawyer and diplomat who served as the Director General of the IAEA and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005

EgyptianJune 17, 1942121 views

Eddy Merckx

Eddy Merckx is a former professional bicycle racer from Belgium

BelgianJune 17, 1945188 views

Martin Bormann

Martin Bormann was the private secretary of Adolf Hitler and head of the Nazi Party Chancellery

GermanJune 17, 1900128 views

Edward I of England

Edward I was the King of England from 1272 to 1307, also known as ‘Edward Longshanks’ and the ‘Hammer of the Scots’

BritishJune 17, 123974 views

M. C. Escher


DutchJune 17, 1898189 views

Henry Lawson

Henry Lawson was a famous Australian writer, known for works including ‘The Drover’s Wife’, and ‘Past Carin’

AustralianJune 17, 186796 views

Waleed Abulkhair

Waleed Abulkhair is a prominent Saudi Arabian lawyer and human rights activist

Saudi ArabianJune 17, 1979219 views