Famous people born in 10 June - page 2

Marcel Khalife

Marcel Khalifé is a Lebanese musician and singer

LebaneseJune 10, 1950113 views

Andy Schleck

This famous Luxembourgian professional cyclist is the ‘2010 Tour de France’ winner and has received the ‘Best Young Rider’ winner thrice

LuxembourgersJune 10, 1985365 views

Hadi Saei

Hadi Saei Bonehkohal is a former Iranian taekwondo athlete who has won 2 Olympic gold medals for his country

IranianJune 10, 1976762 views

Shane West

Shane West is a musician cum actor best known for portraying Landon Carter in ‘A Walk to Remember’

AmericanJune 10, 1978186 views

Ruth Graham

Ruth Graham was an American philanthropist, poet, author and painter

ChineseJune 10, 1920106 views

Greg Marks

Greg Marks is an American R&B singer and actor

AmericanJune 10, 2001215 views

Corey Funk

Corey Funk is a professional SMX rider and YouTuber from USA

AmericanJune 10, 1996108 views

Galia Grainger

Galia Grainger is a British weight-loss expert, TV personality, and entrepreneur

BritishJune 10, 1958101 views

Paige Butcher

Paige Butcher is an Australia born American model and actress who gained fame after she started dating actor-comedian Eddie Murphy

AmericanJune 10, 1979459 views

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley is an English model, actress and one of the most photographed women of her time

BritishJune 10, 1965233 views