Famous people born in 25 June

George Michael

George Michael was an English singer, songwriter, and record producer

BritishJune 25, 1963133 views

Sidney Lumet

Sidney Lumet was an American actor, director and film maker

AmericanJune 25, 1924124 views

William Howard Stein

William Howard Stein was an American biochemist who was jointly awarded the ‘Nobel Prize in Chemistry’ in 1972

AmericanJune 25, 191192 views

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain was a celebrity chef and the author of ‘Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly’

AmericanJune 25, 1956111 views

Walther Nernst

Walther Hermann Nernst was a German scientist who won the 1920 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his contribution to the field of thermochemistry.

GermanJune 25, 1864124 views

J. Hans D. Jensen

Johannes Hans Daniel Jensen was a German nuclear physicist and a joint winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics

GermanJune 25, 190778 views

V. P. Singh


IndianJune 25, 1931124 views

Chloe Bartoli

Chloe Bartoli is a Los Angeles-based celebrity fashion stylist and designer

AmericanJune 25, 1990131 views

Hannah Tolentino

Hannah Tolentino is an American YouTuber

AmericanJune 25, 1997141 views

Hello Kylie

Hello Kylie is a YouTube singer from Los Angeles

AmericanJune 25, 2005110 views