Famous people born in 1907 - page 2

Hideki Yukawa

Hideki Yukawa

Hideki Yukawa was a renowned Japanese theoretical physicist and the first Japanese to be awarded the Nobel Prize

JapaneseJanuary 23, 190792 views


Georges Prosper Remi, better known by his pen name Herge, was a Belgian cartoonist and illustrator, who created the iconic Tintin comic strip

BelgianMay 22, 1907283 views

Bhagat Singh

Bhagat Singh was an Indian revolutionary who played a pivotal role in the Indian Independence movement

IndianSeptember 27, 1907222 views

Frank Whittle

Frank Whittle was a Royal Air Force Officer who is credited with inventing the turbojet engine

BritishJune 1, 1907111 views

Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson was a biologist, writer who hailed from America, and she was also a member of the ‘Conservation Movement’

AmericanMay 27, 1907142 views

Sisavang Vatthana

Sisavang Vatthana was the second and last King of the Kingdom of Laos before being overthrown by the communist regime

LaotianNovember 13, 1907191 views

Robert A. Heinlein

Robert A Heinlein was a popular American science fiction writer

AmericanJuly 7, 190791 views

Abraham Joshua Heschel

Abraham Joshua Heschel was a distinguished rabbi and fore bearer of Jewish theology, who also worked as a teacher

PolishJanuary 11, 1907127 views

James Roosevelt

James Roosevelt was a U.S Congressman, an officer in the U

AmericanDecember 23, 1907114 views

Alvin Karpis

Alvin Karpis, better known as “Creepy,” was a notorious gangster and a founder member of the infamous ‘Barker–Karpis Gang.’ Find more about the childhood, personal life, and criminal activities of the gangster.

CanadianAugust 10, 1907358 views