Famous people born in 1907

    Cab Calloway

    Cab Calloway

    Cab Calloway was a jazz singer and bandleader

    AmericanDecember 25, 1907274 views

    Fred Zinnemann

    Fred Zinnemann was an Austrian-born American film maker who won four ‘Academy Awards’

    AustrianApril 29, 190774 views

    Barbara Stanwyck

    Barbara Stanwyck was an American film and television star

    AmericanJune 16, 190794 views

    Edwin McMillan

    Edwin Mattison McMillan was an American nuclear physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1951

    AmericanSeptember 18, 1907117 views

    Nikolaas Tinbergen

    Nikolaas Tinbergen was a Dutch biologist known for his discoveries concerning social behavior patterns in animals

    DutchApril 15, 1907132 views

    Daniel Bovet

    Daniel Bovet was a Nobel laureate pharmacologist who is known for discovering the chemotherapeutic agents

    ItalianMarch 23, 190793 views

    Ray Milland

    Ray Milland was a renowned Welsh actor and director

    WelshJanuary 3, 1907108 views

    J. Hans D. Jensen

    Johannes Hans Daniel Jensen was a German nuclear physicist and a joint winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics

    GermanJune 25, 190783 views

    Ramon Magsaysay

    Ramon Magsaysay was the seventh president of the Philippines

    FilipinosAugust 31, 1907139 views

    Edward Dunlop

    Weary Dunlop was an Australian surgeon who was captured by the Japanese during the World War II

    AustralianJuly 12, 1907121 views