Famous people born in 3 June - page 3

Missy Rothstein

Missy Rothstein is an American model as well as photographer

AmericanJune 3, 1980179 views

Imogen Poots

Imogen Poots is an English actress known for her role in the horror film ‘28 Weeks Later’

BritishJune 3, 1989191 views

Detox Icunt

Detox Icunt is an American drag performer as well as recording artist

AmericanJune 3, 1985353 views

Logan Fabbro

Logan Fabbro is a well-known Canadian actress, model, dancer, choreographer and television personality

CanadianJune 3, 1998102 views

Lukas Rieger

Lukas Rieger is a German pop singer from Hannover whose music is exclusively in English

GermanJune 3, 1999534 views

Larry McMurtry

Larry McMurtry is a famous American author who is known for his screenplay of the movie ‘Brokeback Mountain’

AmericanJune 3, 193677 views

Jefferson Davis

Jefferson Finis Davis was a renowned American politician, known as the only President of the Confederate States of America

AmericanJune 3, 1808113 views

Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan is an English actor, best known for her portrayal of ‘Tina McIntyre’ in the ‘ITV’ soap opera ‘Coronation Street.’ Explore more about her childhood, family, personal life, etc.

BritishJune 3, 1987239 views

Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg was among the chief American poets in the 1950s and 60s

AmericanJune 3, 1926173 views

Raul Castro

Raul Castro is the current President of Cuba and brother of the Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro

CubanJune 3, 1931165 views