Famous Belgian

The Most Famous Belgian

Michel QissiSeptember 12, 1962BelgianMichel Qissi is a Moroccan-Belgian actor known for his role in the martial arts flick ‘Kickboxer.’
StromaeMarch 12, 1985BelgianStromae is a Belgian musician, rapper, singer and songwriter
Natacha Van HonackerBelgianNatacha Van Honacker is the wife of Belgian soccer player Eden Hazard
Lara FabianJanuary 9, 1970BelgianLara Fabian is a renowned singer-songwriter from Belgium, known for having recorded the famous self-titled album
Jean-Claude Van DammeOctober 18, 1960BelgianJean-Claude Van Damme is a popular Belgian martial artist, actor and director
Tony ParkerMay 17, 1982BelgianTony Parker is a French professional basketball player
HergéMay 22, 1907BelgianGeorges Prosper Remi, better known by his pen name Herge, was a Belgian cartoonist and illustrator, who created the iconic Tintin comic strip
Rene MagritteNovember 21, 1898BelgianRene Magritte was a Belgian surrealist artist known for his thought-provoking images that force the observers to think beyond their perceptions of reality
Kevin De BruyneJune 28, 1991BelgianKevin De Bruyne is a Belgian footballer who plays for the English Premier League team ‘Manchester City’ as well as the Belgian national team.
Eden HazardJanuary 7, 1991BelgianEden Hazard is a Belgian professional footballer
Ilya Prigogine

Ilya Prigogine

Ilya Prigogine was a Russian-born Belgian physical chemist who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1977

BelgianJanuary 25, 1917156 views

Gerardus Mercator

Gerardus Mercator was a famous Flemish cartographer during the Renaissance period

BelgianMarch 5, 1512155 views

Christian de Duve

Christian de Duve was a Belgian cytologist and biochemist known for his discoveries about the internal workings of cells

BelgianOctober 2, 1917191 views

Jules Bordet

Jules Bordet was a Belgian microbiologist and immunologist who won the 1919 Nobel Prize in Medicine "for his discoveries relating to immunity"

BelgianJune 13, 1870164 views

Jacques Brel

Jacques Brel was a Belgian singer and actor considered a master of the modern chanson

BelgianApril 8, 1929183 views

Dominique Pire

Dominique Pire was a Belgian cleric and educator known for his work in helping refugees in post-World War II Europe

BelgianFebruary 10, 1910126 views


Georges Prosper Remi, better known by his pen name Herge, was a Belgian cartoonist and illustrator, who created the iconic Tintin comic strip

BelgianMay 22, 1907293 views

Georges Lemaître

Georges Lemaitre was a Belgian scientist and priest

BelgianJuly 17, 1894246 views

Peter Paul Rubens

Peter Paul Rubens was a Dutch artist, who rose to become one of the most influential Baroque painters of his generation

BelgianJune 28, 1577174 views

Anthony van Dyck

Anthony van Dyck was a Flemish Baroque painter who was well-known for his works during the 17th century

BelgianMarch 22, 1599113 views