Famous people born in 1900 - page 2

    Frédéric Joliot-Curie

    Frédéric Joliot-Curie

    Frederic Joliot Curie was a French physicist and Nobel laureate who along with his wife discovered artificial radioisotope

    FrenchMarch 19, 190085 views

    Dennis Gabor

    Dennis Gabor was a Hungarian-born British electrical engineer and physicist, best known for inventing holography

    HungarianJune 5, 1900125 views

    Martin Bormann

    Martin Bormann was the private secretary of Adolf Hitler and head of the Nazi Party Chancellery

    GermanJune 17, 1900133 views

    Arnold Orville Beckman

    Arnold Orville Beckman was a renowned inventor and chemist who invented the world’s first pH meter and spectrometer

    AmericanApril 10, 1900158 views

    Adlai Stevenson II

    Adlai Stevenson II was the 31st Governor of Illinois

    Hassan Fathy

    Hassan Fathy is Egypt’s most well-known architect since the famous Imhotep, the world’s earliest known designer

    EgyptianMarch 23, 1900156 views

    Wolfgang Pauli

    Wolfgang Pauli was an Austrian-Swiss theoretical physicist, winner of Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery of the ‘Exclusion Principle’

    AustrianApril 25, 1900233 views

    Heinrich Himmler

    Heinrich Himmler was a German Nazi military commander and a close associate of Adolf Hitler

    GermanOctober 7, 1900407 views

    Spencer Tracy

    Spencer Tracy was a veteran actor who in a career spanning 37 years was one of the major stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age

    AmericanApril 5, 1900128 views

    Kurt Weill

    Kurt Weill was a renowned German composer

    GermanMarch 2, 190099 views