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Biologists’ job involves the study of living organism and their relationship with natural world. They try to discover the mechanism of living creatures with their study of the origin, habits and genetic structure of those organisms. Study of wildlife is an important aspect of a biologist’s job. Methods like identification and observation play a major role in this concern. Various factors of environmental issue that affect wildlife are also important in this context. There are many biologists whose working area is concerned with zoo animals. They work for the preservation of endangered species in a systematic way. Based on their study, they prepare reports that are published in various scientific journals. Biologists working in healthcare sector work to prevent deadly diseases by identifying harmful virus. There are many biologists who serve in environmental management and conservation field. Their work involves providing solution for environmental problems and preservation of nature. Marine biologists conduct study on animals and plants that live in salt water. Biologists working in educational sector engage themselves in the publication of their study in different journals besides imparting education at classrooms. What follows is a collection of the biographies, timelines and trivia about some of the world’s most famous biologists.

The Most Famous Biologists

Juliane KoepckeOctober 10, 1954German, PeruvianJuliane Koepcke is a German-Peruvian biologist, who was the lone survivor among the 92 passengers and crew of the ill-fated LANSA Flight 508 that crashed in the Peruvian rainforest on 24 December 1971
Richard DawkinsMarch 26, 1941BritishRichard Dawkins is an English ethologist and evolutionary biologist
Norman BorlaugMarch 25, 1914AmericanNorman Borlaug was an American biologist known as the “Father of the Green Revolution”
Alexander FlemingAugust 6, 1881British, ScottishAlexander Fleming was a Scottish biologist and pharmacologist who discovered enzyme lysozyme and antibiotic penicillin
Theodor SchwannDecember 7, 1810GermanTheodor Schwann was a German physiologist who discovered the Schwann cells in the peripheral nervous system
Carl LinnaeusMay 23, 1707SwedishCarolus Linnaeus was a renowned Swedish biologist popularly known as the ‘Father of Modern Taxonomy’ who founded the binomial nomenclature
Venkatraman Ramakrishnan1952Indian, British, AmericanVenkatraman Ramakrishnan is a British-American structural biologist of Indian origin
Francis CrickJune 8, 1916BritishFrancis Crick was an English molecular biologist, biophysicist and neuroscientist, who received the Nobel Prize for Medicine
E. O. WilsonJune 10, 1929AmericanE
Trofim LysenkoSeptember 29, 1898RussianTrofim Lysenko was a Russian agronomist who pioneered the scientific movement Lysenkoism, in genetics
Lynn Margulis

Lynn Margulis

Lynn Margulis was a famous American biologist who co-developed the Gaia theory and studied evolution in nucleated cells

AmericanMarch 5, 1938137 views

Marcello Malpighi

Marcello Malpighi was a famous biologist who discovered the Red Blood Cells and is the eponym of the Malpighiaceae botanical family

ItalianMarch 10, 1628112 views

Karl Landsteiner

Karl Landsteiner was a Nobel Prize winning scientist from Austria who developed the classification of blood group

AmericanJune 14, 1868128 views

Carl Linnaeus

Carolus Linnaeus was a renowned Swedish biologist popularly known as the ‘Father of Modern Taxonomy’ who founded the binomial nomenclature

SwedishMay 23, 1707250 views

Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson was a biologist, writer who hailed from America, and she was also a member of the ‘Conservation Movement’

AmericanMay 27, 1907141 views

Elizabeth Blackburn

Elizabeth Blackburn is a Nobel Prize winner who created a sensation with her finding on telomere and telomerase

Gustav Nossal

Gustav Nossal is a distinguished Australian researcher and scientist

AustralianJune 4, 1931157 views

Jagadish Chandra Bose

Jagadish Chandra Bose was a polymath, physicist, botanist and considered to be one of the fathers of radio science

IndianNovember 30, 1858143 views

Ernst Haeckel

Ernst Haeckel was a renowned German biologist, naturalist, physician, philosopher and artist

GermanFebruary 16, 1834124 views

Robert Hooke

Robert Hooke FRS was a 17th century English scientist, architect and polymath

BritishJuly 28, 1635151 views