Famous people born in 1941 - page 4

    Luis Alberto Lacalle

    Luis Alberto Lacalle

    Luis Alberto Lacalle was the President of Uruguay from 1990 to 1995

    UruguayanJuly 13, 1941210 views

    Boris Vallejo

    Boris Vallejo is a Peruvian born fantasy artist and illustrator

    AmericanJanuary 8, 1941108 views

    Aaron Neville

    Aaron Neville is an American R&B singer and musician best known for his hits like ‘Tell It Like It Is’

    AmericanJanuary 24, 1941123 views

    Jagjit Singh

    Jagjit Singh was a renowned Indian Ghazal singer, writer and musician, famously dubbed as the ‘Ghazal King’

    IndianFebruary 8, 1941159 views

    Twyla Tharp

    Twyla Tharp is an American dancer and choreographer famous for her unique styles of dancing

    AmericanJuly 1, 1941186 views

    Dale Chihuly

    Dale Patrick Chihuly is an American artist and entrepreneur, known for his unique and marvelous works with glass

    AmericanSeptember 20, 1941183 views

    Michael Moriarty

    Michael Moriarty is an actor best known for his role in the TV series ‘Law & Order’

    AmericanApril 5, 1941107 views

    Dan Shechtman

    Dan Shechtman is an Israeli scientist who was awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry

    IsraeliJanuary 24, 1941140 views

    Charles Whitman

    Charles Whiteman was a notorious mass murderer

    AmericanJune 24, 1941115 views

    Stephen Jay Gould

    Stephen Jay Gould was a famous paleontologist and one of the most read science writers of his times

    AmericanSeptember 10, 1941153 views