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Sean O'Donnell's Personal Details

Sean O’Donnell is an American Instagram star, model and social media personality

BirthdayMay 28, 1996
FamousInstagram Star, New York University, Models, Instagram Stars, Instagram Models, Social Media Stars, Photographers
Known asSPObabbby
  • New York University
  • New York University
Notable Alumnis
  • New York University
Birth PlaceNew York
Sun SignGemini
Born inNew York
Famous asInstagram Star, Photographer, Model

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Who is Sean O'Donnell?

Sean O’Donnell is a popular social media personality with a tremendous fan base on Instagram where he has over a million followers! A multi-faceted personality, he has tried his hands at a variety of roles in the entertainment field and continues to explore his options as a model, actor, and singer. With his bespectacled boy-next-door looks, he comes across as a regular, friendly neighbourhood guy which makes it easier for his fans to relate to him. He is a creative person and enjoys creating content for his social media posts which are generally warm and encouraging. After gaining fame as an Instagram star, he began his career as an actor with the comedy movie ‘Mamaboy’ in which he played a teenage boy who gets pregnant. He also appeared in the films ‘#Speedball’ and ‘The Win.’ He has appeared in a number of music videos as well. Besides his career in the entertainment field, the young man is also an entrepreneur and sells t-shirts, hats, and pullovers under his own “Happy” clothing line. Talking of his personal interests, he is an enthusiastic amateur photographer who is devoted to constantly improving his skills in the field.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Sean O’Donnell first became active on social media through the blogging site Tumblr. He has gained a large following on Instragram where he has gained over 1 million followers. He is originally from New York but travels to Los Angeles regularly to pursue his career. He attended New York University. He is a regular blogger. He was invited to be one of the hosts of the live music celebrity event called Winter Lights LA in December 2014. He has acted in a number of movies like ‘Unbroken’ (2014), ‘Mamaboy’ (2016) and ‘Sickhouse’ (2016). He garnered much appreciation for his appearance in Alli Simpson’s music video for her song ‘Why I’m Single.’

What Makes Sean O Donnell So Special

Besides being an actor and model, he is also interested in singing and photography. His photography is well thought out and stylish. He uses an understated tone, and often uses black and white photography. These bring out his emotions, his aspirations and his personality. He often posts photographs of himself working as an actor and model. His photographs feature a variety of settings and formats, and he is not afraid to experiment. He often uses his own camera. His style is generally sporty and casual. He is very enthusiastic and becomes deeply involved in whatever project he undertakes. He is an actor as well. He played the part of “Tommy T” in Megan Nicole’s music video ‘Never Wanna Let You Go.’ He collaborates in a friendly and creative way with a number of other actors, models and singers.

Beyond Fame

He is quite close to his large family. He has a brother and a sister. He also has a wide social circle and many close friends. He enjoys sports and sailing. He is very appreciative of his fans and actively interacts with a large number of them.

Peaceful evenings at Manhattan beach during sunset.

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Behind the Curtains

Sean O’Donnell has a variety of hobbies and skills. He has had an interest in music since childhood. He sang in choir and also played the violin for six years. His various pursuits and activities keep him quite busy. He is interested in all facets of filming and modeling, and has studied photography at university. He has a good understanding of photographic techniques. He admires other actors and models like Kristina Bazan, Nick Wooster, Chloe Grace Moritz and Lily Collins. He is also interested in calligraphy.

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Sean O'Donnell's FAQ

  • What is Sean O'Donnell birthday?

    Sean O'Donnell was born at 1996-05-28

  • Where is Sean O'Donnell's birth place?

    Sean O'Donnell was born in New York

  • What is Sean O'Donnell nationalities?

    Sean O'Donnell's nationalities is American

  • What was Sean O'Donnell universities?

    Sean O'Donnell studied at New York University, New York University

  • What was Sean O'Donnell notable alumnis?

    Sean O'Donnell's notable alumnis is New York University

  • How tall is Sean O'Donnell?

    Sean O'Donnell's height is 174

  • What is Sean O'Donnell's sun sign?

    Sean O'Donnell is Gemini

  • How famous is Sean O'Donnell?

    Sean O'Donnell is famouse as Instagram Star, Photographer, Model

  • What is Sean O'Donnell's twitter?

    Sean O'Donnell's twitter is

  • What is Sean O'Donnell's youtube?

    Sean O'Donnell's youtube is

  • What is Sean O'Donnell's instagram?

    Sean O'Donnell's instagram is