A sculptor is a visual artist who creates three-dimensional works of art with materials like wood, stone, marble, glass, clay, metal or Plaster of Paris. Statues and abstract shapes are the works of highly skilled, professional sculptors, which are representations of the artist’s moods or feelings or adaptations of two dimensional pictures. Sculptors generally use a number of tools, the most important one being, the chisel. This helps a sculptor carve an object into a desired shape. Their techniques and style vary and one sculptor might specialize in carving small wooden statues, while the other may work to build life-sized statues or artistic pieces. Their work entails extreme artistry, precision and dexterousness and requires extreme hard work and determination. The art of sculpture has existed since the beginning of time and some of the oldest recorded sculptures date back to roughly around 10,000 BC. In modern times, sculptors either work from home or rent out commercial spaces or artist’s studio to produce their work. In order to get both their and talent out to the public, they promote their artistic services through portfolios or through advertisements in the local papers. They also showcase their works at museums at local galleries. Here is a list of famous sculptors. Go through their biographies, which include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.