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The Most Famous Canadian

Cody KoNovember 22, 1990CanadianCody Ko is a Canadian Vine sensation and YouTube personality
Nora FatehiFebruary 6, 1992CanadianNora Fatehi is a dancer, model, and actress of Indo–Arabic descent
Sunny LeoneMay 13, 1981CanadianSunny Leone is an actress and model
Eric Allan KramerMarch 26, 1962CanadianEric Allan Kramer is an American–Canadian actor
Catherine PaizAugust 24, 199CanadianCatherine Paiz is a Los Angeles based French-Canadian model, actress and social media star
Karina KurzawaMarch 23, 2007CanadianKarina Kurzawa is a Canadian YouTuber, gamer, and social media influencer
Ryan ReynoldsOctober 23, 1976CanadianRyan Rodney Reynolds is an acclaimed Canadian actor
Natalie HalcroFebruary 2, 1988CanadianNatalie Halcro is a Canadian model and reality TV star
Winnie HarlowJuly 27, 1994CanadianWinnie Harlow is a Canadian model and television personality
Nina DobrevJanuary 9, 1989CanadianNina Dobrev is a Bulgarian-Canadian actress and model best known for her roles in ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation.’ Find out more about her life and timeline.
Michel Trudeau

Michel Trudeau

Michel Trudeau was the youngest child of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and the younger brother of the current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

CanadianOctober 2, 1975313 views

Denis Villeneuve

Denis Villeneuve is an accomplished award winning Canadian film director

CanadianOctober 3, 1967120 views

David Foster

David Foster is a multi-Grammy-winning Canadian musician, composer, songwriter and arranger

Alexandre Trudeau

Alexandre Trudeau is an illustrious filmmaker and a seasoned journalist

CanadianDecember 25, 1973516 views

Eugene Levy

Eugene Levy is a Canadian actor, director, producer, and comedian

CanadianDecember 17, 1946216 views

Trevor Berbick

Trevor Berbick was a professional Jamaican Canadian boxer, and a former world heavy weight champion

CanadianAugust 1, 1954511 views

Diana Krall

Diana Krall is a Canadian jazz pianist whose albums have sold over 15 million copies

CanadianNovember 16, 1964224 views

Roddy Piper

Roddy Piper was a Canadian professional wrestler and television personality

CanadianApril 17, 1954346 views

Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit (Christopher Michael Benoit) was a Canada born professional wrestler

CanadianMay 21, 1967508 views

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone is an actress and model

CanadianMay 13, 19812,514 views