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Natalie Halcro's Personal Details

Natalie Halcro is a Canadian model and reality TV star

BirthdayFebruary 2, 1988
FamousReality Tv Personalities, Reality Tv Star, Fashion, Models, Reality TV Personalities
SiblingsSister: Stephanie Halcro; Brother: Joel Halcro; Cousin Sister: Olivia Pierson
Birth PlaceLangley, British Columbia
FatherJim Halcro
Sun SignAquarius
Born inLangley, British Columbia
Famous asModel, Reality TV Star

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Who is Natalie Halcro?

Natalie Halcro is a model, reality television show personality, and a fashion blogger. She runs a fashion blog ‘Jerome’ with her cousin. A model since childhood, Natalie has endorsed brands such as Old Navy, Nissan, and Mazda. Natalie has become a household name owing to her participation in the American reality documentary television series WAGs aired on E! Network. The show focuses on the lifestyles of wives and girlfriends of famous sportspersons. Natalie is also an internet phenomenon since her make-up and hair tutorials on her YouTube channel ‘Nat+Liv’ have garnered more than a million views. The channel itself has a subscription of more than 240,000! She has a huge fan following of 2.2 million+ on Instagram and has around 37,000 followers on Twitter. Natalie makes a hobby of collecting candles as she finds them relaxing. She is a pet person and has a dog called Monkey.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Natalie started modeling when she was just 12. By the time she turned 16, she had made a deal with NEXT, which signed her as a professional model. She has walked the ramp in Milan, France, Cape Town, and London. She has campaigned for big brands like Kohls, Avon, Nike, Levi’s, Salon Gafix, Cache, Macy’s, La Senza, Bebe Sport and has appeared in commercials for Nissan, Mazda, Marshalls, and Old Navy. Natalie is now the co-founder of a fashion blog named Jerome. She started the blog with her cousin and fellow cast-mate of the WAGS, Olivia Pierson.

What Makes Natalie So Special

Natalie feels honored to be able to influence the lives of so many people. Even if she likes giving make-up and fashion tips to people, she believes that one is comfortable in their own skin. She likes interacting with her fans and welcomes opinions from them too. About the politics on WAGs, Natalie says it doesn’t bother her much. She feels like the wives on WAGs shouldn’t taunt and bother the girlfriends on the show, and that nobody on the show should be belittled by their marital status or the lack of it. Natalie believes that the marital status of a woman cannot define her. On titles like ‘trophy’ and ‘arm candy’ given to her by audiences after her appearance in WAGs, Natalie says there’s more to her than just a pretty face. As a woman, Natalie emphasizes on the fact that women should not be judged by the actions of their husbands or boyfriends.

Beyond Fame

Natalie was a part of the Vanderpump Dogs Foundation Gala that took place on November 3, 2016. The benefits of the gala were spent to rescue dogs in Los Angeles and across the globe. The funds were also used in helping raise a rescue facility, adoption center, and a grooming salon for the rescued dogs. The gala also raised money for the transportation of the rescued dogs and spread awareness about all the programs taking place at the Vanderpump Dogs Foundation.

Behind the Curtains

Natalie describes herself as a family person and loves to spend her Christmas holidays with her big family. She shares a close bond with her siblings and with her cousin too. Along with her cousin, Olivia Pierson, Natalie has founded a fashion blog named ‘Jerome.’ They named the blog after the last name of their maternal grandparents. They also collaborated with a sunglasses brand named ‘Perverse’ and launched a range of designer glasses by Nat+Liv. Natalie is an open-minded person and loves to get to know about different cultures. Her favorite book is ‘The Alchemist’ and she has read it over and over several times. Natalie dislikes reality TV. She prefers to go out rather than sit at home and watch TV. She is also an animal person and has a pet dog called Monkey, whom she also calls Monk, Mimi, and Sweetie lovingly. Natalie describes herself as a girly girl and loves the pinky peach color. In fact, she even designed and made her own prom dress of the same color!


Natalie has a pet dog named Monkey.

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Natalie Halcro's FAQ

  • What is Natalie Halcro birthday?

    Natalie Halcro was born at 1988-02-02

  • Where is Natalie Halcro's birth place?

    Natalie Halcro was born in Langley, British Columbia

  • What is Natalie Halcro nationalities?

    Natalie Halcro's nationalities is Canadian

  • Who is Natalie Halcro siblings?

    Natalie Halcro's siblings is Sister: Stephanie Halcro; Brother: Joel Halcro; Cousin Sister: Olivia Pierson

  • How tall is Natalie Halcro?

    Natalie Halcro's height is 500

  • Who is Natalie Halcro's father?

    Natalie Halcro's father is Jim Halcro

  • What is Natalie Halcro's sun sign?

    Natalie Halcro is Aquarius

  • How famous is Natalie Halcro?

    Natalie Halcro is famouse as Model, Reality TV Star

  • What is Natalie Halcro's twitter?

    Natalie Halcro's twitter is

  • What is Natalie Halcro's instagram?

    Natalie Halcro's instagram is