Reality Television artists are the real people who appear in reality television shows. Reality television is a genre of television programming in which the life and experiences of ‘real’ people as opposed to professional actors or performers are showcased. Reality shows, by definition do not make use of scripted programming and therefore there is no need for actors or screenwriters. Such shows have a host or narrator who explains the settings to the viewers, and are run by the producers and a team of editors. Reality shows are very popular among the audiences as they are more likely to connect with the real-life participants than they are with celebrities. The participants in reality shows are often ordinary people living normal lives until they get an opportunity to appear on television. Competition-based reality shows is a very popular subgenre that has made several hitherto unknown people into instant celebrities. There are several categories of reality shows that revolve around concepts such as dating, competitions, makeover, sports, lifestyle changes, etc. The charm of reality television is so much that even established celebrities like Gene Simmons, Britney Spears and Anthony Bourdain have appeared in such shows. Read on to learn about the life and works of popular reality television artists from all over the world through their biographies and timelines.