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Jessa Duggar's Personal Details

Jessa Duggar is a famous Americn TV actress

BirthdayNovember 4, 1992
FamousReality Tv Personalities, Reality Tv Star, Film & Theater Personalities, Reality TV Personalities
SpousesBen Seewald
Known asJessa Lauren Seewald
Childrens Henry Wilberforce Seewald, Spurgeon Elliot Seewald
  • Was homeschooled
Birth PlaceTontitown, Arkansas
FatherJim Bob
MotherMichelle Duggar
Sun SignScorpio
Born inTontitown, Arkansas
Famous asReality TV Star

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Who is Jessa Duggar?

Jessa Lauren Seewald is a television personality, who is best known for her appearance in a reality show. She quickly climbed the ladder of fame, thanks to this acclaimed show. After featuring in shows like ‘19 Kids and Counting’, ‘Today’ and a few documentaries, the masses also started identifying Jessa as an author. Along with three of her sisters, Jessa co-authored a book titled ‘Growing up Duggar: It’s all About Relationships’, which was published by ‘Howards Books’ in 2014.
The book revolves around the Duggar family which prefers abstinence from holding hands in public, hugging, alcohol, romance novels, modern music, dancing, halloween and birth control. This book explains about how is life with such bans and details about their family about carious relationships and its problems.Jessa was a victim of sexual assault and took a strong stand to fight against it. The actress also confessed how she had faced it in her childhood and even admitted that her brother used to molest her. However, the issue got covered up when she blamed the media for exploiting them.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Jessie started her career with the documentary titled ’14 Children and Pregnant Again’ in 2014. This film tells the day to day life of 14 people, starting from the time when they wake up till they hit the bed. This documentary was aired on the channel ‘Discovery Health’. The sequel ‘Raising 16 Children’ was aired on the same channel in the year 2016. Later, another film titled ‘On the Road with 16 Children’, about the family’s cross country trip, was also aired on the same channel.

In 2008, Jessa started appearing on the reality show ‘19 Kids and Counting’. This show was aired on the renowned channel ‘TLC’ for seven years, until the show finally went off-air in 2015. The show featured the whole family of Jessa Duggar, which includes her parents and 18 siblings. ‘19 Kids and Counting’, was formerly known as ’17 Kids and Counting’ and ’18 Kids and Counting’. The name changed with the increase in a family member.

After the cancelation of this show, Jessa along with her sister Jill, featured in another show titled ‘Jill and Jessa: Counting On’, that was aired on ‘TLC’ in December 2015.

What Makes Jessa Duggar So Special

Jessa was too courageous to speak about molestation in one of the episodes of her television show. Jessa left many viewers speechless when she confessed before the public that she too was a victim of the sexual assault and was abused by her own brother.

Beyond Fame

Jessa Duggar hit the headlines when the rumor about her consummated marriage started spreading. Conclusions were made that Jessa Duggar who had tied knots with Ben Seewald had ended their marriage mere hours after they tied the knot.

It was reported that a guest named ‘Marry B’ claimed that Jessa and Ben were busted by Jinger; Jessa’s sister, in a closed door, in the act of ‘lust’ at the reception of their marriage venue. The guest also added that Jinger; who had come to bring Jessa to the reception, was shocked to see her sister as she opened the door and so closed it back suddenly.However she put an ended to the rumor by posting an image of them kissing on her ‘Instagram’ account captioning it with a quote about overpowering evil that read as “Do not be overcome with evil by overcome evil with good”.

Behind The Curtains

Jessa Lauren Seewald or Jessa Duggar is the fifth child of her parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. She grew up with her 4 elder siblings and 14 younger siblings and was home schooled along with her siblings. Her family members are strong believers of Baptist ideology and are against the idea of dating. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar lost their child once while using a birth control mechanism, ending it as miscarriage, due to which they have strictly banned using it in their family.

Jessa is married to Ben Seewald, whom she was seeing for quite some time. The couple has a baby boy named Spurgeon Eliot Seewald and is expecting their second baby.


Jessa is never supposed to divorce as this option has been banned in her family since long.

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Jessa Duggar's FAQ

  • What is Jessa Duggar birthday?

    Jessa Duggar was born at 1992-11-04

  • Where is Jessa Duggar's birth place?

    Jessa Duggar was born in Tontitown, Arkansas

  • What is Jessa Duggar nationalities?

    Jessa Duggar's nationalities is American

  • Who is Jessa Duggar spouses?

    Jessa Duggar's spouses is Ben Seewald

  • Who is Jessa Duggar childrens?

    Jessa Duggar's childrens is Henry Wilberforce Seewald, Spurgeon Elliot Seewald

  • What was Jessa Duggar universities?

    Jessa Duggar studied at Was homeschooled

  • How tall is Jessa Duggar?

    Jessa Duggar's height is 168

  • Who is Jessa Duggar's father?

    Jessa Duggar's father is Jim Bob

  • Who is Jessa Duggar's mother?

    Jessa Duggar's mother is Michelle Duggar

  • What is Jessa Duggar's sun sign?

    Jessa Duggar is Scorpio

  • How famous is Jessa Duggar?

    Jessa Duggar is famouse as Reality TV Star

  • What is Jessa Duggar's facebook?

    Jessa Duggar's facebook is

  • What is Jessa Duggar's twitter?

    Jessa Duggar's twitter is

  • What is Jessa Duggar's instagram?

    Jessa Duggar's instagram is