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Landon Barker's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Landon Barker, the famous American Reality TV Star; his birthday, his family and personal life, his girlfriends, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayOctober 9, 2003
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SiblingsAlabama Luella Barker, Atiana Cecelia de la Hoya
Birth PlaceCalifornia
FatherTravis Barker
MotherShanna Moakler
Sun SignLibra
Born inCalifornia
Famous asReality TV Star

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Who is Landon Barker?

Landon Barker got public exposure at a tender age and became famous as part of the reality TV show "Meet the Barkers" which aired on MTV in 2005-2006. He is a star kid born to celebrity parents. He is the son of Travis Barker, a successful musician and the drummer for the American rock band Blink 182, and Shanna Moakler, a model and Miss USA. Landon, along with his family members, was part of the show ‘Meet the Barkers’ which followed the family on their day to day lives, including his father's musical tours. Landon has been accompanying his father to concerts and tours since he was a child, and even has been on stage with Blink 182. He has an Instagram account where he posts pictures of himself in different clothing or hairstyle. He, along with his younger sister Alabama, has become a fashion icon on social media. Currently Landon has 116k followers on Instagram.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Landon Barker was featured on the very first episode of the reality TV show on their family, ‘Meet the Barkers’. At that time he was only two years old. The show ran for two seasons and had a total of 16 episodes. The show was aired once more in 2008, after Travis Barker survived a plane crush. Landon, along with his family members, became famous as a reality TV star during the airing of the show. Travis, who was an Instagram user, allowed his children to have their own accounts on the social media platform when they were still very young. Apparently, the accounts were moderated by Travis himself. Both Landon and his sister Alabama gained huge fan following in no time. They used to compete with each other over their Instagram popularity, even though Alabama would most often stay ahead of Landon by a narrow margin.

What Makes Landon Barker So Special

Landon is active on social media through Instagram, SnapChat and ASKfm, where he answers fan questions. Growing up as a celebrity kid, he is comfortable with his share of stardom and fan following, and he seems to enjoy the attention, interacting with his fans on a regular basis. Landon often gets praised by both his fans and the media for his fashion sense and many of Landon's fans follow his dress code, hairstyle or hair color. Landon often gets asked by fans if he would like to have tattoos like his father Travis Barker, who is very famous for covering most of his body with tattoos. He once mentioned that he would like to tattoo his last name on his wrist.

Beyond Fame

Being the son of an accomplished musician, Landon has been surrounded by proficient artists and celebrities since childhood. However, according to him, he doesn't have a role model even though he looks up to his father and wants to be 'successful' like him. Landon likes gangster rap and wants to be a drummer like his father when he grows up. He is part of his school band and enjoys playing drums and the guitar. He also loves to play basketball and has a basketball set in his room, which is his favorite part of the room. Landon Barker doesn't fly on airplanes, which might be as a result of his father's fear of flying, and his father’s lucky escape in plane crash in 2008 in which he survived with major burns and took months to recover.

Behind The Curtains

Landon Asher Barker was born on October 9, 2003 in California, United States. His celebrity parents Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler had an on-and-off relationship for some time before getting divorced in 2008. However, they lived together for a long time to raise the children. He has an older step sister Atiana Cecelia de la Hoya, daughter of Olympian boxer Oscar de la Hoya, and a younger sister Alabama Luella Barker. Travis Barker often takes the kids to various events and performances. Landon enjoys going to book signings with his father. Touring with his father is one of his favorite childhood memories. Landon's all time favorite movie is Straight Outta Compton, which he can watch over and over. He is a fan of the TV series Breaking Bad, while his favorite Blink 182 song is "Miss You".

He was previously been dating a girl named Alisha; however, he told his fans that she doesn't like him much. Later, while answering to a fan question, he mentioned that he is dating a girl named Bella. According to his Instagram account, however, he recently got into a serious relationship with star Devenity Perkins.

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Landon Barker's FAQ

  • What is Landon Barker birthday?

    Landon Barker was born at 2003-10-09

  • Where is Landon Barker's birth place?

    Landon Barker was born in California

  • What is Landon Barker nationalities?

    Landon Barker's nationalities is American

  • Who is Landon Barker siblings?

    Landon Barker's siblings is Alabama Luella Barker, Atiana Cecelia de la Hoya

  • How tall is Landon Barker?

    Landon Barker's height is 157

  • Who is Landon Barker's father?

    Landon Barker's father is Travis Barker

  • Who is Landon Barker's mother?

    Landon Barker's mother is Shanna Moakler

  • What is Landon Barker's sun sign?

    Landon Barker is Libra

  • How famous is Landon Barker?

    Landon Barker is famouse as Reality TV Star

  • What is Landon Barker's instagram?

    Landon Barker's instagram is