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Sophia Lucia's Personal Details

All about Sophia Lucia including her family life, age, birthday, net worth, boyfriends, and fun facts.

BirthdaySeptember 7, 2002
FamousFemale Dancers, Reality Tv Star, Dancers
SiblingsVinny Lucia
Birth PlaceCalifornia
MotherJackie Lucia
Sun SignVirgo
Born inCalifornia
Famous asDancer, Reality TV Star

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Who is Sophia Lucia?

Sophia Lucia is a child prodigy. She started to dance at the age of just two when she saw music videos on the television; she participated in her first dance competition at the age of just three. Looking at her talent and interest in dancing, her parents enrolled her in the San Diego Dance Centre in Poway, California. Having the assistance of some of the best dance teachers in America, Sophia started to master dance very quickly. Even before she reached the age of ten years, she had started to train for 35-40 hours a week. Rather than focusing on a single dance format, Sophia Lucia started focusing on multiple dance formats like Jazz, Ballet, and Contemporary. This was excruciating for a young girl who also had to attend school to complete her formal education.With the kind of progress she started showing at such a young age, many observers now reckon that she is one of the best dancing talents in the making. Despite the attention she got as a young and talented dancer, Sophia Lucia’s fortunes stardom started to rise only when she started to appear on some of the popular television shows and social media channels like YouTube.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

After her success in performing at the local events, Sophia Lucia started uploading her videos on YouTube. Immediately after she started to post on the internet, she began to get a lot of attention from teenage viewers. Very soon she was recognized as a YouTube sensation. The shorter versions of her videos posted on Instagram too proved to be popular. Soon, she got more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram. After her success on social media, she started getting offers on television. At a very young age, Sophia Lucia was featured in a number of popular television shows like ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, ‘X-Factor’, ‘America’s Got Talent’, and ‘Shake It Up’. The talented girl made her film debut in the year 2010 when she starred as a child actor in the Fox Legacy Movie, ‘The Shirley Temple Story.’ In the year 2013, Sophia Lucia got a chance to appear in the reality television show ‘Dance Moms.’ The mother of Sophia Lucia too appeared in the show along with her. She got good recognition for her performance in the reality show and became one of the most recognized young dancers in America.

Her fame got a further boost when she entered the Guinness World Records for performing consecutive 55 pirouettes in 2013. She broke an earlier record of 36 consecutive Pirouettes performed by Alicia Clifton of Oklahoma. In the year 2014, she got another major recognition for her talents when she was awarded the ‘Junior Female Best Dancer’ at The Dance Awards.

What Makes Sophia So Special

The ability to captivate the fans with their artistry is a rare skill that is mastered by very few artists. Just like other child prodigies of our time, Sophia is known to be a multifaceted personality. The combination of dancing with acting makes her attractive to teenagers. It is this quality that made her successful in the reality show ‘Dance Moms.’ Another reason which makes her so special when compared with other dancers of her age is her cute looks. Being beautiful apart from being talented opened new doors for her in acting.

Beyond Fame

Sophia Lucia has stayed away from controversies since the start of her career. Despite attaining stardom at a very young age, she is known to be punctual for her shootings and very professional in her career. She is not known to have had any affairs with anybody. In addition to being a professional dancer, Sophia Lucia is also known for her entrepreneurial instincts. Merchandise like skirts, tops, and other accessories targeted at teenagers are sold on her website. Her fame also opened the door to endorsements of commercial products. In the year 2014, she started endorsing the Capezio Shoes targeted at children and teenagers.

Behind The Curtains

Sophia Lucia had a good childhood. Her parents encouraged her interests in dance. Her mother also used to accompany the little girl to her dance classes and shootings of television series.


She participated in one of the most popular dance programs in USA− ‘Dancing with the Stars.

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Sophia Lucia's FAQ

  • What is Sophia Lucia birthday?

    Sophia Lucia was born at 2002-09-07

  • Where is Sophia Lucia's birth place?

    Sophia Lucia was born in California

  • What is Sophia Lucia nationalities?

    Sophia Lucia's nationalities is American

  • Who is Sophia Lucia siblings?

    Sophia Lucia's siblings is Vinny Lucia

  • Who is Sophia Lucia's father?

    Sophia Lucia's father is J

  • Who is Sophia Lucia's mother?

    Sophia Lucia's mother is Jackie Lucia

  • What is Sophia Lucia's sun sign?

    Sophia Lucia is Virgo

  • How famous is Sophia Lucia?

    Sophia Lucia is famouse as Dancer, Reality TV Star

  • What is Sophia Lucia's facebook?

    Sophia Lucia's facebook is

  • What is Sophia Lucia's twitter?

    Sophia Lucia's twitter is

  • What is Sophia Lucia's instagram?

    Sophia Lucia's instagram is