Famous people born in 31 March - page 2

John Fowles

John Fowles

John Fowles was an illustrious English novelist

BritishMarch 31, 1926109 views

Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor is a famous Scottish actor

ScottishMarch 31, 1971318 views

Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach was a great German composer

GermanMarch 31, 1685157 views

Joseph Haydn

Joseph Haydn was an 18th century Austrian composer of the Classical period

AustrianMarch 31, 1732274 views

Andrew Marvell

Andrew Marvell was an English poet famous for his poem, ‘To His Coy Mistress’

BritishMarch 31, 1621108 views

Andrew Lang

Andrew Lang was a Scottish literary critic best known for collecting fairy tales

ScottishMarch 31, 1844137 views

JJ Garcia

JJ Garcia is an American reality TV personality

AmericanMarch 31, 1989290 views

Landon Moss

Landon Moss is an American Instagram star, former Viner, YouTube star, and actor

AmericanMarch 31, 1995169 views

Aine Coutinho

Aine Coutinho is the wife of Brazilian footballer Philippe Coutinho

BrazilianMarch 31, 1993336 views

Sir William Lawrence Bragg

William Lawrence Bragg was a British physicist and is the youngest ever Nobel Laureate in Physics so far

BritishMarch 31, 1890115 views