Famous people born in 7 March - page 2

Townes Van Zandt

Townes Van Zandt

Townes Van Zandt was an American singer and songwriter

AmericanMarch 7, 1944201 views

Oliver Moy

Oliver Moy is an American social media personality

AmericanMarch 7, 2001146 views

Jessica Skube

Jessica Skube is an American vlogger and the creator of the family ‘YouTube’ channel ‘JesssFam.’ Let’s have a look at her family, personal life, age, birthday, etc.

AmericanMarch 7, 1992126 views

Milton Avery

Milton Avery was one of the most distinguished American modern painters of the 20th century

AmericanMarch 7, 1885125 views

Victoria Waldrip

Victoria Waldrip (Woahh Vicky) is an American social media star

AmericanMarch 7, 200093 views

Todd Kohlhepp

Todd Kohlhepp is a notorious American serial killer who was declared guilty of killing seven people in South Carolina, between 2003 and 2016.

AmericanMarch 7, 1971170 views

Anna Magnani

Anna Magnani was an Oscar winning Italian stage and film actress

ItalianMarch 7, 1908308 views

Nicéphore Niépce

Nicéphore Niépce was a French inventor and photographer who is credited for creating the world's first permanent photographic image

FrenchMarch 7, 1765195 views

Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz is a British actress

BritishMarch 7, 1970136 views

Maurice Ravel

Maurice Ravel was a noted French composer of Swiss-Basque descent

FrenchMarch 7, 1875114 views