Famous people born in 29 March - page 2

Kelianne Stankus

Kelianne Stankus

Kelianne Stankus is an American gymnast and dancer

AmericanMarch 29, 1996349 views

Eric Idle

Eric Idle is an accomplished British entertainer who has made his presence felt as an actor, comedian and singer

BritishMarch 29, 1943150 views

Weylie Hoang

Weylie Hoang is an American beauty and makeup guru on YouTube

AmericanMarch 29, 1993247 views

Hitman Holla

Hitman Holla (Gerald Fulton, Jr.) is an American battle rapper known for his unmatched punch lines and aggressive spirit

AmericanMarch 29, 19881,152 views

Ysa Penarejo

Ysa Penarejo is a Filipino‚ÄďAmerican actor, model, and songwriter

AmericanMarch 29, 2000161 views

Lydia Connell

Lydia Connell is an English beauty vlogger

BritishMarch 29, 1994114 views

Hana Hayes

Hana Lani Hayes is an American actress

AmericanMarch 29, 1999230 views

Jasmine Clough

Jasmine Clough is an English YouTuber

BritishMarch 29, 2000137 views

Alain Moussi

Alain Moussi is a Canadian martial-arts expert and actor

CanadianMarch 29, 1981501 views

Lavrentiy Beria

Lavrentiy Beria was a Soviet politician who served as the Marshal of the Soviet Union

GeorgianMarch 29, 1899224 views