Famous people born in 19 March

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is a Hollywood star best known for his performances in movies like the ‘Die Hard’ series and ‘Pulp Fiction’

AmericanMarch 19, 1955181 views

Hiroo Onoda

Hiroo Onoda was an Imperial Japanese Army intelligence officer

JapaneseMarch 19, 1922393 views

Betty Compson

Betty Compson was an American actress and film producer best known for the movie ‘The Docks of New York.’ This biography of Betty Compson provides detailed information about her childhood, life, achievements, works & timeline.

AmericanMarch 19, 1897168 views

Frédéric Joliot-Curie

Frederic Joliot Curie was a French physicist and Nobel laureate who along with his wife discovered artificial radioisotope

FrenchMarch 19, 190088 views

Norman Haworth

Sir Norman Haworth was a British Chemist who received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1937

BritishMarch 19, 1883150 views

Mario J. Molina

Mario Molina is a Nobel Prize winning chemist from Mexico who co-developed the theory of ozone depletion due to CFCs

MexicanMarch 19, 1943355 views

Richard Francis Burton

Richard Francis Burton was an English polymath who became world renowned after his expeditions to Mecca and Medina

BritishMarch 19, 1821103 views

Lenín Moreno

Lenin Moreno is the current United Nations Special Envoy on Disability and Accessibility, in office since December 2013

EcuadorianMarch 19, 1953254 views

Max Reger

Max Reger was a German composer counted amongst the greatest composers in his country

GermanMarch 19, 1873135 views

Philip Roth

Philip Roth is one of the acclaimed American writers of his generation

AmericanMarch 19, 1933119 views