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Chemists are the scientists who specialize in the field of chemistry. They investigate the chemical nature of substances and how they behave under different conditions to search for new knowledge. Compounds, both organic and inorganic, are examined to determine their chemical and physical properties, composition, structure, and reactivity. Chemists try to decode the details of the chemical molecules and their component atoms. The knowledge gained through research is used to understand the composition and properties of unknown substances, and is used in practical applications in industries. Since chemicals play a vital role in virtually all types of industries, chemists are employed in various industrial establishments, especially those dealing in plastics, medicines, pharmaceuticals, and chemical industries. They also work in research and in university teaching positions. Newer discoveries and findings in the field of chemistry lead to the development of better products, processes and analytical methods. Chemistry is a vast field divided into several overlapping sub-branches: analytical chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, etc. Chemists primarily work in laboratories and use a variety of techniques in their research like spectroscopy, chromatography, and spectrophotometry. Read on to discover about the life and works of various famous chemists, through their biographies and timelines, from all over the world.

The Most Famous Chemists

Henry CavendishOctober 10, 1731BritishHenry Cavendish was a theoretical chemist and physicist, renowned for discovery of hydrogen and calculation of the mass of earth
Walter KohnMarch 9, 1923AustrianNobel Laureate Walter Kohn was an Austrian-born American theoretical chemist and physicist
Jabir Ibn Hayyan721IranianJabir Ibn Hayyan was a medieval era polymath
Stephanie KwolekJuly 31, 1923AmericanStephanie Kwolek was an American chemist whose research work led to the development of the synthetic fiber, Kevlar
Amedeo AvogadroAugust 9, 1776ItalianAmedeo Avogadro was an Italian scientist who formulated what is now known as Avogadro's law
Humphry DavyDecember 17, 1778BritishSir Humphry Davy was a British chemist who made major contributions to the discoveries of chlorine and iodine
Willard LibbyDecember 17, 1908AmericanWillard Frank Libby was an American physical chemist who was awarded the ‘Nobel Prize’ in Chemistry in 1960
Mario J. MolinaMarch 19, 1943MexicanMario Molina is a Nobel Prize winning chemist from Mexico who co-developed the theory of ozone depletion due to CFCs
Robert BunsenMarch 30, 1811GermanRobert Bunsen was a German chemist who developed the Bunsen burner with Peter Desaga
Marie CurieNovember 7, 1867PolishMarie Curie was a Physicist and Chemist, who was world renowned for her work on radioactivity
Aleksandr Borodin

Aleksandr Borodin

Aleksandr Borodin was a prodigal Russian music composer and scientist

RussianNovember 12, 1833253 views

Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel was the inventor of dynamite and a manufacturer of arms who left his vast fortunes to institute the Nobel Prizes

SwedishOctober 21, 1833203 views

William Henry Bragg

Sir William Henry Bragg was a British scientist who shared the 1915 Nobel Prize in Physics with his son, William Lawrence Bragg

BritishJuly 2, 1862221 views

Jabir Ibn Hayyan

Jabir Ibn Hayyan was a medieval era polymath

Iranian721651 views

Otto Hahn

Otto Hahn was a Nobel Prize winning German scientist who discovered the phenomenon of nuclear fission and the element protactinium

GermanMarch 8, 1879268 views

Marie Curie

Marie Curie was a Physicist and Chemist, who was world renowned for her work on radioactivity

PolishNovember 7, 1867303 views

Primo Levi

Primo Levi was an Italian chemist and a writer

ItalianJuly 31, 1919127 views

Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur was a French chemist and microbiologist who developed the first vaccines for rabies and anthrax

FrenchDecember 27, 1822205 views

Ernest Rutherford

Ernest Rutherford was one of the greatest physicists, often regarded as the father of nuclear physics

BritishAugust 30, 1871179 views