Famous people born in 1871

Victor Grignard

Victor Grignard

François Auguste Victor Grignard was a French chemist who developed the synthetic reaction, the ‘Grignard reaction’

FrenchMay 6, 1871138 views

Grazia Deledda

Grazia Deledda was a Nobel Prize winning Italian novelist and short story writer

ItalianSeptember 27, 1871163 views

Orville Wright

Orville Wight along with his brother Wilbur Wright is credited for creating the first ever successful airplane

AmericanAugust 19, 1871176 views

Rosa Luxemburg

Rosa Luxemburg was a German Marxist theorist, philosopher, economist and revolutionary socialist

GermanMarch 5, 1871147 views

Marcel Proust

Marcel Proust was a French novelist, essayist, and literary critic, admired for influencing the modernist style of writing

FrenchJuly 10, 1871183 views

Cordell Hull

Cordell Hull longest serving Secretary of State in the U.S

AmericanOctober 2, 1871142 views

Paul Valery

Paul Valery was a great French Poet who is often regarded as a polymath

FrenchOctober 30, 1871164 views

Jack Butler Yeats

Jack Butler Yeats was one of the most prominent Irish painters of the 20th century

IrishAugust 29, 1871179 views

Ernest Rutherford

Ernest Rutherford was one of the greatest physicists, often regarded as the father of nuclear physics

BritishAugust 30, 1871163 views

James Weldon Johnson

James Weldon Johnson is credited with lot of firsts in his lifetime

AmericanJune 17, 1871219 views