Famous People From Tennessee - Celebrities Born In Tennessee

Nestled between the river Mississippi and the Appalachian Mountains, Tennessee is one of the most populous states in the whole of USA. Several reputed universities are situated in this American state, such as ‘Knoxville College’, ‘Tennessee Temple University’ and ‘Tennessee State University’. Apart from its natural beauty, infrastructure and the presence of great educational institutions, Tennessee is quite popular for being the hometown of celebrities, who are considered role models and enjoy a big fan following world over. Actresses Kathy Bates and Megan Fox, pop sensation Justin Timberlake, wrestler Randy Orton, as well as actress & singer Cybill Shepherd are a few celebrities who hail from Tennessee. Justin Timberlake has bagged two Grammy awards for his acclaimed singles ‘Cry Me A River’ and ‘Rock Your Body’. Megan Fox, who has been a part of the ‘Transformers’ movie franchise is one of the busiest actresses in Hollywood and has often been hailed as a sex symbol by several magazines. We have compiled the names of other eminent personalities who are from Tennessee. Scroll down to find the names of these individuals.

Quentin Tarantino, Miley Cyrus, Ginnifer Goodwin, Yo Gotti & Shannen Doherty are some of the celebrities who hail from Tennessee.

The Most Famous People From Tennessee

Gracie KDecember 1, 2003AmericanGracie K is an American YouTuber
Justin Randall TimberlakeJanuary 31, 1981AmericanJustin Timberlake is an award winning American singer, actor and songwriter
Morgan FreemanJune 1, 1937AmericanMorgan Freeman is an Academy Award winning actor known for his work in movies like ‘Street Smart’, ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ and ‘Million Dollar Baby’
Abby McGrewJanuary 1, 1984AmericanAbby McGrew is the wife of NFL player Eli Manning
Moneybagg YoSeptember 22, 1991AmericanDemario DeWayne White, Jr., more famous by his stage name Moneybagg Yo, is an American rapper
Buford PusserDecember 12, 1937AmericanBuford Pusser was the sheriff of McNairy County, Tennessee
Megan FoxMay 16, 1986AmericanMegan Fox is a popular American actress and model
Keith HabersbergerJune 18, 1987AmericanKeith Habersberger is an American comedian and YouTuber
De'arra TaylorApril 17, 1996AmericanDe'arra Taylor is an American YouTube personality
Margaret KeaneSeptember 15, 1927AmericanMargaret Keane is an artist known for creating the ‘big-eyed waifs’

Olivia Holt

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AmericanAugust 5, 1997148 views


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Walter Lang

Walter Lang was an eminent American film director best known for directing a number of the spectacular colorful musicals for Fox Studios during the 1940s

AmericanAugust 10, 189698 views

Aretha Franklin

Popularly known as ‘The Queen of Soul’, Aretha Franklin was an American singer and musician

AmericanMarch 25, 1942115 views

Sam Rayburn

Sam Rayburn was an American lawmaker who served as the Speaker of the U.S

AmericanJanuary 6, 1882122 views

Jack Hanna

Jack Hanna is an American zoo keeper and a passionate wild life expert & conservationist

AmericanJanuary 2, 1947179 views

Bessie Smith

Bessie Smith was a famous blues and jazz singer from America who is known for her songs like ‘Downhearted Blues’ and ‘The St

AmericanApril 15, 1894150 views

Mary Church Terrell

Mary Church Terrell was a renowned national civil rights activist and early advocate for women’s suffrage movement

Michael Oher

Michael Oher is one of the most popular names in contemporary American Football who plays at the tackle position

AmericanMay 28, 1986103 views

Marjorie Lee Browne

Marjorie Lee Browne was an eminent African-American mathematician & educator