It is a given that Black singers are capable of belting any singer under the table for their insane vocal range that can exceed any frequency. Black singers have taken the music world by storm ever since the inception of its industry and most of them have been branded as gods by the audience. These famous Black singers are also revered for using music as a portal to shed light onto their struggles and wars which have become as important as an anthem for the generations that came after. Be it any genre, from R&B to Jazz, Black singers have played one of the most integral roles in boosting the richness of this industry for decades. Some of the famous Black singers have no doubt gifted the world with a plethora of records that are still regarded as classics. And though some might have gone before their time they still continue to reign in the hearts of their fans. Some of these famous Black singers whose emotions have been felt through their music are Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, and Beyoncé. There’s still more to discover and learn about these famous Black singers- keep reading and stay amused!

A list of all the Famous Black Singers who struck a chord with the masses for all generations to come.