Famous Anthropologists - List of Famous Anthropologists

An anthropologist may refer to a professionally trained and qualified individual who is involved in the study and the application of origins, behavior and the social, physical and the cultural aspects of human development. Anthropologist may be proficient in the fields of forensic anthropology, biological anthropology, literary anthropology, sociocultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, philosophical anthropology, archaeological anthropology and many others. Anthropologists across the world work with the main objective of understanding the science of humanity. The field of anthropology originated in the 19th and 20th century, after which anthropology became a distinguished field of study. Anthropologists are employed by government organizations, non-profit organizations, and educational organizations and may even work at disaster struck areas. An anthropologist analyses the consequences of overpopulation, poverty and may be involved in training and providing skills to people to tackle these problems., Anthropologists are also employed by various corporations and they can work in any environment, for example studying primates in Africa. They may work in deserts, cities, villages, towns, schools and even underwater archaeological sites. Get familiar with some of the most the worlds renowned and famous anthropologists from around the world by reading their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.

The Most Famous Anthropologists

Carlos CastanedaDecember 25, 1925AmericanCarlos Castaneda was an American author who penned ‘The Teachings of Dan Juan’
Jane GoodallApril 3, 1934BritishJane Goodall is an English Animal Rights activist, famously dubbed as “The Woman who redefined man”
Ann DunhamNovember 29, 1942AmericanAnn Dunham was an American anthropologist and played a major role in the rural development of Indonesia
Paul FarmerOctober 26, 1959AmericanPaul Farmer is an anthropologist and physician who co-founded the health organization - Partners In Health (PIH)
Margaret MeadDecember 16, 1901AmericanMargaret Mead was an American anthropologist known for her studies and works on cultural anthropology
James Weldon JohnsonJune 17, 1871AmericanJames Weldon Johnson is credited with lot of firsts in his lifetime
Rudolf VirchowOctober 13, 1821GermanRudolf Ludwig Carl Virchow was a German doctor, anthropologist, pathologist, biologist, writer and politician
Alfred L. KroeberJune 11, 1876AmericanAlfred Kroeber was an American cultural anthropologist
Zora Neale HurstonJanuary 7, 1891AmericanZora Neale Hurston was a well-known American folklorist, anthropologist and author
David HarveyOctober 31, 1935BritishDavid W
Carlos Castaneda

Carlos Castaneda

Carlos Castaneda was an American author who penned ‘The Teachings of Dan Juan’

AmericanDecember 25, 1925937 views

Arthur Keith

Arthur Keith was a distinguished Scottish anatomist and anthropologist

WelshFebruary 5, 1866151 views

David Harvey

David W

BritishOctober 31, 1935202 views

Francisco Moreno

Francisco Moreno was an Argentine naturalist, explorer, anthropologist, and geographer in the late 19th century

ArgentinianMay 31, 1852157 views

Rudolf Virchow

Rudolf Ludwig Carl Virchow was a German doctor, anthropologist, pathologist, biologist, writer and politician

GermanOctober 13, 1821250 views

John Wesley Powell

John Wesley Powell was an American explorer, anthropologist, geologist and a soldier

AmericanMarch 24, 1834152 views

Claude Lévi-Strauss

Claude Levi Strauss was a renowned French anthropologist of the twentieth century who pioneered the theory of structuralism

FrenchNovember 28, 1908145 views

Ralph Regenvanu

Ralph Regenvanu is a ni-Vanuatu politician serving as the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources since 2013

Louis Leakey

Louis Leakey was a Kenyan-British anthropologist who findings greatly altered conceptions about the origins and course of the evolution of human life

KenyanAugust 7, 1903185 views

Alfred Russel Wallace

Alfred Russel Wallace was a British scientist and explorer, best known for discovering the concept of evolution by natural selection

BritishJanuary 8, 1823157 views