Famous people born in 1852

    Francisco Moreno

    Francisco Moreno

    Francisco Moreno was an Argentine naturalist, explorer, anthropologist, and geographer in the late 19th century

    ArgentinianMay 31, 1852124 views

    Santiago Ramón y Cajal

    Santiago Ramón y Cajal was a famous Spanish pathologist, neuroscientist and histologist

    SpanishMay 1, 1852146 views

    Henri Moissan

    Ferdinand Frederick Henri Moissan was a French Chemist who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1936

    FrenchSeptember 28, 1852112 views

    Charles W. Fairbanks

    Charles Warren Fairbanks was a US Senator who served as the 26th Vice President of United States

    AmericanMay 11, 185287 views

    William Ramsay

    William Ramsay was a Nobel Prize winning chemist who discovered the ‘noble gases’

    BritishOctober 2, 1852118 views

    Hermann Emil Fischer

    Emil Fischer was a Nobel Prize winning chemist from Germany who is known for inventing the ‘Fischer Projection’ method

    GermanOctober 9, 1852237 views

    Henri Becquerel

    Henri Becquerel was a French physicist , who won Nobel Prize for discovery of radioactivity

    FrenchDecember 15, 1852199 views

    H. H. Asquith

    Herbert Henry Asquith was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1908 to 1916

    BritishSeptember 12, 1852133 views

    Calamity Jane

    Calamity Jane was a famous frontierswoman from the American Wild West and a professional scout.

    AmericanMay 1, 1852245 views

    Charles Taze Russell

    Taze Russell was the founder of the International Bible Students Association

    AmericanFebruary 16, 1852364 views