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Who could have thought that a fancy sounding country best known for its chocolates, watches, banks, the Alps and knives could also bear superstars like Roger Federer, Martina Hingis, Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, Jean Piaget, and Gottfried Keller? That is right. It is easy to associate Switzerland to fine timepieces, luxurious chocolates, and unassailable knives than these great men. Nevertheless, Switzerland owes its place under the sun to these stalwarts who have ushered in magnanimous name, fame, and wealth for their country with their undertakings. It is because of these enterprising minds that Switzerland ranks among some of the most enlightened, progressive thinking countries in the world. Be it sports, science, art, music, invention, or acting, the Swiss have waved their victory flag in diverse arenas and with aplomb. We dig down the inspiring lives of the famous Swiss people in the timeline, trivia, and interesting facts in the biographies here. Rest assured, you are in for a pleasant surprise.

Find out more about the greatest Swiss people, including Roger Federer, Carl Jung, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Mirka Federer and Leonhard Euler.

The Most Famous Swiss

Barıs ArducOctober 9, 1987Albanian, Swiss, TurkishBarıs Arduc is a Swiss-born Albanian actor
Carl JungJuly 26, 1875SwissCarl Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist famous for founding the school of analytical psychology
Kat GrahamSeptember 5, 1989Swiss, AmericanKat Graham is a Swiss-born singer and actress
Venus PalermoFebruary 8, 1997SwissVenus Palermo, also known as Venus Angelic, is a well-known Swiss YouTuber
Jocelyn WildensteinAugust 5, 1940Swiss, AmericanJocelyn Wildenstein is an American socialite who is known for marrying into the notorious Wildenstein family.
Jean PiagetAugust 9, 1896SwissJean Piaget was a psychologist and philosopher known for his theory of cognitive development
Orianne Cevey1974Swiss, AmericanOrianne Cevey is a Swiss jewelry designer, best known for her high profile marriage with famous English musician and actor, Phil Collins
Henry DunantMay 8, 1828SwissHenry Dunant or Jean Henri Dunant was a Swiss social and peace activist who founded the Red Cross and was the recipient of the first Nobel Peace Prize
Paul KleeDecember 18, 1879German, SwissPaul Klee was a Swiss-German painter counted among the greatest painters of the 20th century
Jean-Jacques RousseauJune 28, 1712French, SwissJean-Jacques Rousseau was a noted Swiss-born philosopher, writer and composer
Alexandre Yersin

Alexandre Yersin

Alexandre Émile John Yersin, popularly known as Alexandre Yersin was a Franco-Swiss bacteriologist and physician

FrenchSeptember 22, 1863193 views

K. Alex Müller

Karl Alexander Müller is a Swiss solid-state physicist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1987 for his work on superconductivity.

SwissApril 20, 1927121 views

Heinrich Rohrer

Heinrich Rohrer was a Swiss physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1986

SwissJune 6, 1933129 views

Felix Bloch

Felix Bloch was a Swiss born American physicist who won the Nobel Prize in 1952

SwissOctober 23, 190596 views

Charles Édouard Guillaume

Charles Édouard Guillaume was a renowned Swiss physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1920

SwissFebruary 15, 1861116 views

Henry Dunant

Henry Dunant or Jean Henri Dunant was a Swiss social and peace activist who founded the Red Cross and was the recipient of the first Nobel Peace Prize

SwissMay 8, 1828338 views

Albrecht von Haller

Albrecht von Haller was a renowned botanist of the 18th century and also regarded as the Father of modern physiology

SwissOctober 16, 1708166 views

Vladimir Prelog

Vladimir Prelog was a famous Zürich-based chemist, who won the ‘Nobel Prize’ for his work on stereochemistry

SwissJuly 23, 1906162 views

Fabian Cancellara

Fabian Cancellara is a famous professional cyclist who has won the ‘UCI Road World Championship’ Time Trial event on four occasions

SwissMarch 18, 1981178 views

Michelle Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker is a Swiss-Italian model, actress and television personality

ItalianJanuary 24, 1977205 views