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Sunjai Williams's Personal Details

Sunjai Williams is an American dancer and reality television star, best known for her role in the dance reality show ‘Bring It!’

BirthdayFebruary 9, 1997
FamousDancers, Reality Tv Personalities, Reality Tv Star, Dancers, Film & Theater Personalities, Reality TV Personalities
Nick namesCool Flame
SiblingsQuincy, Shamia “Sky” Jai Williams and Shania “Star” Jai Williams
  • DeSales University
Birth PlaceJackson, Mississippi
FatherJames JJ Williams
MotherSelena Johnson
Sun SignAquarius
Born inJackson, Mississippi
Famous asDancer & Reality TV star

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Who is Sunjai Williams?

Sunjai Williams is an American dancer and reality television star, best known for her role in the dance reality show ‘Bring It!’, the most viewed Friday program in five years on the Lifetime Network. The show is based on Jackson-based competitive dance team, The Dancing Dolls, run by Dianna "Miss D" Williams. Sunjai has been a part of the dance group for a few years, and featured on the show during its first two seasons. She has travelled around the country with the show's crew and took part in meet and greet event at various places including Connecticut, Brookhaven and Pittsburgh, during which she hosted Q&A sessions and delivered motivational speeches to inspire her young fans. She has also performed for a number of celebrities. Her fame on the show helped her earn a scholarship at DeSales University in Center Valley, Pennsylvania. In July 2016, Tonner-One World announced that they have signed a contract with Sunjai to make "The Sunjai Doll", a fashion doll in her likeness, as a central figure in their "Prettie Girls!" doll series in 2017.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Sunjai Williams joined the dancing group, The Dancing Dolls of Jackson, MS in 2012. In 2014, Lifetime television network decided to produce the dance reality television show ‘Bring It!’ and roped in Dianna Williams, the owner of the Dollhouse Dance Factory and head choreographer and sponsor of The Dancing Dolls. As part of the group, Sunjai and her mother, Selena, were featured on the show. Despite the fact that she has danced with The Dancing Dolls group for only a couple years, Sunjai became one of the most featured cast members on the show. Later, her twin sisters Star and Sky also joined The Dancing Dolls group and became cast members on the television show. While the show has been running successfully for four seasons, Sunjai herself left the show after its 2nd season to pursue her college degree. However, since her appearance on the reality TV show, her social media fame has exploded. She has a huge fan following on her Instagram account.

Beyond Fame

Being born to a dancer mother, Sunjai Williams started dancing at the tender age of five. Soon after, she became the youngest member of the dance group, The Jackson Stepperettes. She later left the group after her coach retired, and went on to dance for another group, The Show Stoppers of Jackson, MS. During her time with The Show Stoppers, she became a part of the All Stars squad, which was formed by taking some of the best dancers from various dance groups. After she joined The Dancing Dolls, she became the captain of the new girls. She also quickly adapted to the intense style of her new group to earn a spot on the team’s revered battle squad.

After appearing on the dance reality show ‘Bring It!’, Sunjai put her new found fame to good use by securing full dance scholarship to DeSales University. She earned the scholarship during an audition that was arranged by the producers of the show, Pilgrim Studios. Sunjai, who has been performing majorette and hip-hop dance since she was a child, got exposed to new dance forms of the North, like ballet and modern. She immediately fell in love with modern dance, but found it challenging to learn the terms and movements for ballet. However, she took introductory dance classes to get herself accustomed to the fast-paced dance style. She impressed her friends with her majorette moves, while learned the Latin-inspired music of Jersey Club from them, and also performed a special number at the UniverSoul Circus in Philadelphia showcasing the dichotomy of Northern and Southern dancing styles.

Behind The Curtains

Sunjai Williams was born on February 9, 1997, in Jackson, Mississippi. Her mother, Selena Johnson, is also a dancer and reality TV star, while her father, James J.J. Williams, is an experienced entrepreneur. She has an older brother named Quincy, whom her mother gave birth to at the age of 14. Apart from appearing on the dance reality show, her mother also devotes time in raising awareness about teen pregnancy. She married James at the age of 20. Sunjai is the eldest child of her parents, and has two younger siblings, twin sisters Shamia “Sky” Jai Williams and Shania “Star” Jai Williams. Her sisters, who are two years younger to her, have followed her footsteps to pursue dancing. They have been a part of the dancing group The Dancing Dolls and has appeared on the show ‘Bring It!’ as regular cast members. While her parents later divorced, they remain friends and raised their children together. Her father James is a family man and claims to be the biggest fan of her daughters. Sunjai completed her graduation from Clinton High School.

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Sunjai Williams's FAQ

  • What is Sunjai Williams birthday?

    Sunjai Williams was born at 1997-02-09

  • Where is Sunjai Williams's birth place?

    Sunjai Williams was born in Jackson, Mississippi

  • What is Sunjai Williams nationalities?

    Sunjai Williams's nationalities is American

  • What is Sunjai Williams nick names?

    Sunjai Williams's nickNames is Cool Flame

  • Who is Sunjai Williams siblings?

    Sunjai Williams's siblings is Quincy, Shamia “Sky” Jai Williams and Shania “Star” Jai Williams

  • What was Sunjai Williams universities?

    Sunjai Williams studied at DeSales University

  • How tall is Sunjai Williams?

    Sunjai Williams's height is 167

  • Who is Sunjai Williams's father?

    Sunjai Williams's father is James JJ Williams

  • Who is Sunjai Williams's mother?

    Sunjai Williams's mother is Selena Johnson

  • What is Sunjai Williams's sun sign?

    Sunjai Williams is Aquarius

  • How famous is Sunjai Williams?

    Sunjai Williams is famouse as Dancer & Reality TV star

  • What is Sunjai Williams's twitter?

    Sunjai Williams's twitter is

  • What is Sunjai Williams's instagram?

    Sunjai Williams's instagram is