Famous Alumni of Princeton University - Celebrities from Princeton University

Students who are familiar with famous American universities would probably understand how reputed Princeton University is. This renowned educational institution, which started way before the American Revolution, is one of the wealthiest universities in the world, with an endowment of more than $20 Billion USD. The university has often been praised for having one of the most beautiful campuses in the whole of America. Princeton University has a long history spanning several decades and several eminent yesteryear personalities have been associated with this renowned institution. For instance, the world famous scientist Albert Einstein, known for his ‘Theory of Relativity’, was a member of the ‘Institute For Advanced Study’, affiliated with the ‘Princeton University’. James F Williamson earned himself a place in history after the first ‘Princeton University’ graduate to acquire a ‘Doctorate in Philosophy’, back in 1877. Several noteworthy celebrities had once been students of this famous university situated in New Jersey. The 28th president of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, was an alumnus of this great institution. Other famous celebrities who studied at the Princeton University are former American first lady Michelle Obama, legendary mathematician Alan Turing, slain American president John F Kennedy and actress Brook Shields. Alan Turing is considered the father of Artificial Intelligence and has contributed immensely to the field of mathematics. Michelle Obama had graduated from Princeton University back in 1985. This list consists of the names of several noteworthy celebrities who were once students of the world renowned ‘Princeton University’. Some of them have become chapters in history, thanks to their remarkable achievements.

Check out the list of notable Princeton University alumni. Some of the notable Princeton University students are Ted Cruz, Alan Turing, John Forbes Nash, Jr., James Madison and Woodrow Wilson.

The Most Famous Alumni of Princeton University

Wentworth MillerJune 2, 1972British, AmericanWentworth Miller is an American actor and screenwriter who achieved recognition for his role in the TV series ‘Prison Break’.
Pete HegsethJune 6, 1980AmericanPete Hegseth is a FOX News Channel contributor from America
Terence TaoJuly 17, 1975Australian, AmericanTerence Tao is an Australian- American mathematician who has contributed enormously to the field of mathematics
Richard FeynmanMay 11, 1918AmericanRichard Feynman was a Nobel Prize winning American physicist who proposed the theory of quantum electrodynamics
Brooke ShieldsMay 31, 1965AmericanBrooke Shields is an American actress and model
Allen DullesApril 7, 1893AmericanAllan Dulles was an America lawyer and diplomat who later became the head of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
David DuchovnyAugust 7, 1960AmericanDavid William Duchovny is an American actor, writer and director
James StewartMay 20, 1908AmericanJames Stewart was an Award winning American film actor and was also a World War II veteran who had a prestigious military career
Michael PorterMay 23, 1947AmericanMichael Porter is an economist, researcher, author, advisor, speaker and teacher
Michelle ObamaJanuary 17, 1964AmericanMichelle Obama is the wife of U.S
Gary Becker

Gary Becker

Gary Becker was an American economist who won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1992

Walter Houser Brattain

Walter Houser Brattain was an American physicist who jointly received the ‘Nobel Prize in Physics’ in 1956

AmericanFebruary 10, 1902102 views

Edwin McMillan

Edwin Mattison McMillan was an American nuclear physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1951

AmericanSeptember 18, 1907118 views

José Ferrer

Jose Ferrer or Jose Vicente Ferrer de Otero y Cintron was a Puert Rican actor, director and pianist

Robert Hofstadter

Robert Hofstadter was an American physicist famous for his research in protons and neutrons

Eugene O'Neill

Eugene Gladstone O'Neill was a renowned American playwright

AmericanOctober 16, 188884 views

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is an American politician who is campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination in the 2016 presidential election

AmericanDecember 22, 1970133 views

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields is an American actress and model

AmericanMay 31, 1965331 views

Laurance Rockefeller

Laurance Rockefeller was an American businessman, venture capitalist, philanthropist and a prominent environmentalist

AmericanMay 26, 1910204 views

Kip Thorne

Kip Thorne is a renowned American scientist whose work was an inspiration for the Hollywood movie ‘Interstellar’

AmericanJune 1, 1940148 views